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Dead babies starving to death…brought to you by the republicans…

Birth…a poem

people watching concert

we seem to be meant
to be together
to scream
and jump
and dance
as one
at least
some of the time
for a little while
but with
a deadly virus
stalking us
those times
have been put on

depending on how long
the crisis lasts
one wonders what those
who have never
had the pleasure
of being jammed together
in a packed arena
or club
will be like

a new world
is being born
and we are
witnessing that

no one will know
what the birthing was like
or how it ended
until future generations
can look back on it
and make
about we
we went through

I’m guessing
they’ll get it all wrong
just as we do
when we look
and think we know
what happened
to people
in the past

but that’s what
is all about
isn’t it

mistaken assumptions

Picture:  Ron Smith

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