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Almost all parents want to protect their children from harm…

Photo:  Spenser Sembrat


Playing with the baby…

Photo:  Jeremy Hynes

Family is important…sometimes…maybe…now and then, once in awhile, or always. Hey, it could happen.

brown own in birdhouse during daytime

Photo:  Thijs Schouten


White and Black Long Fur Cat

“Now I can breath easier.  There’s a new sheriff in town and we are no longer in an abusive relationship we couldn’t run from.  The whole country, except for republicans, is lighter and full of hope.  It’s a good day for my kittens.  It’s a good day for the world.”

Umit Ozbek

Family can be a beautiful thing…

Swans, Lake, Young Swans, Water, Birds

there are no
in the animal world
those kinds of cruel judgments
exist only
among humans



Picture:  Pixabay



Animal World, Monkey, Baboon, Family




A family photo…We all kind of look the same, don’t we? Parents…kids…all the same. Why don’t some people get that?

The family…

“I think Rita looks more like you.  Henry looks like me and Bertha, well, she looks like both of us.”

“Do you think so?” she asked, looking at their birdlings.

“Yes, Rita’s eyes are just like yours.”

“Henry has your beak and Bertha, does have a little of both of us,” she agreed.

“Funny how genetics work.”

“It’s just a blueprint, dear,” she said.

“Still, it’s interesting.  Now the humans are playing with that too.”

“Maybe we should make this the last of our children,” she said, smiling at the babies nestled at her feet.  “It’s too dangerous to have more.  I mean with the poison, the capturing and killing.  Besides, they’re taking our habitat, soon there won’t be a place for us to live.  Humans deserve to be by themselves.   Once all of us are gone, they’ll only have each other to kill.”

“They do that already,” he said. rubbing his beak against hers.

“You know what I mean.”

“I do,” he admitted.

“But we were beautiful for the time we existed,”  she said softly.

“More beautiful than the moon and stars.”

“You’re such a romantic.”

“Not until I met you,” he whispered.


“I think they’re hungry again.”

“You mean still, don’t you?” he said.

She laughed and said, “Yes.  We should enjoy them while we can.  Soon they’ll be gone, starting nests of their own.”

“I worry about that.”

“Maybe we can talk to them and they won’t lay any eggs.” she said, hopefully.

“We had them.”

“Yes,” she said, looking away.  “My mother told me not to bring them into this world but I didn’t listen.”

“No one listens.”

“They are so sweet,” she said, patting each one with her beak.  “So very sweet.”

“Humans don’t care about beauty or sweetness.  They only care about death.”

She nodded and watched him fly away to get dinner for their children.




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My cousin and I went out to play yesterday.  We had a blast.  She’s a great cousin and we like the same things, so it’s easy to be together.  We laugh a lot.  We bought goodies and had a fabulous lunch, finished off with some kind of molten lava cake that was so delicious I want to close my eyes right now, just thinking about it.  LOL

She pays attention to what’s going on and I don’t. I’m too busy watching a bird fly by or looking at something sparkly.  I think I drive her crazy and when we travel, she takes care of the money.  I’m really happy about that.  When I was in Paris without her I just handed homeless women whatever was in my pocket, having no idea how much the money was worth.  Must have been a lot because they were really happy.  I don’t know how to think about, or care about, things like that.  I just walk through life thinking everything will be fine and there’s always enough.  I believe in abundance and so far, abundance has always been there for me.

She’s the grounded steady one, so when she tells me something I listen. Like yesterday, when she said, “DON’T TURN THERE THE LANE IS BLOCKED WITH SNOW!”  LOLOL Poor thing.  I tend to terrify her at times and I don’t mean to, really, I don’t.  I’m just always thinking about a lot of things at the same time and I assumed the lane was open, because it always has been before.

Anyway, I trust her completely.   Her mom was my dad’s sister.  She got the best of that deal.  I adored her mother.  She was funny, kind and generous.  She was special to me, that’s for sure.

So, while we may not have had a great family, at least we have each other and that’s good enough for me.

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