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Queen in neon…a poem

Free Red Neon Sign Inside a Club  Stock Photo

if this is the real life
it’s often a nightmare
if this is just fantasy
it’s a twisted
and dark one
I think Galileo
would agree



Post:  Igor Sanches

Street art…He was magic…definitely.

Man in Black Suit and Black Pants Painting


Photo:  Eva Elijas

The Singer…

brown and black animal on water during daytime

This is Bernice.  She’s a huge Queen fan, in the most literal sense of the word. She’s singing her heart out at the moment, which is one reason…she’s by herself.  It’s not that she doesn’t have a lovely voice…exactly.  It’s just that she’s a bit…mmmm…it’s hard to explain,..maybe LOUD is the word I’m looking for.  Anyway, she’s having fun.  She usually sings in the morning, after a breakfast of and seaweed…other things.

She’s belting out ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, at the moment.  Her only regret is that she never saw Queen play live in concert.  I bet if Freddie knew she loved him, he would have gone to her and sung a duet with this wonderful fan.

Bernice wanted to start a cover band, but no one would join her, so she sings alone.  She’s okay with that, she said.  Then she smiled and said she has a thing for Roger Taylor.  I told her that I could certainly understand that, since I felt the same way.


Photo:  Chris Stenger



I’m a fan.  Still wear the t-shirts.  Love Freddie.  Roger Taylor can play the drums like a mad man, and I love watching him.  Of course, when Adam Lambert is on no one can see anything else.  He gives charismatic a whole new meaning.  He’s gorgeous.   Like Freddy (and I’m not comparing them) he’s a singer who gives everything and holds nothing back.

On still has to clap, with Radio Ga Ga.  It doesn’t matter where you are.  I think it’s a requirement for any Queen fan.  There’s no time for us…one of my favorites.  But they’re almost all favorites.  It’s weird with John Deacon gone, but it’s still Queen, just reorganized.

Brian May is an amazing guitarist.  But Taylor has an attitude and I like that about him.  I like that a lot.  It all comes together.

Freddie said he never wanted to go to heaven.  He thought he’d meet more interesting people in hell.  No matter what he wanted, I hope he got it.  If there is something after death, I imagine he’s rocking it somewhere else.

Meanwhile Adam Lambert is doing his incredible thing, never trying to be Freddie, or pretend that anyone could ever take his place.  He’s a very cool frontman and he is flat out fantastic.

Queen fans…

WE WILL ROCK YOU. with Adam Lambert is on NETFLIX, right NOW.  It’s good.  Interviews, music, Freddie.  If you’re a fan, you won’t want to mis it and Lambert, as you well know, would make Freddie proud. He is fantastic.

If you LOVE QUEEN, then check it out.


I’ve been listening to Queen a lot and the chicklets wanted to listen as well, so I got them headphones and they are having a great time.


I’ve had QUEEN concerts blasting away all day. The DVDs and really, one cannot help but be in a FANTASTIC mood, when they’re on. I may never be able to hear again but hey, I had a REALLY smashing day.

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