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The Magic of reindeer…

there’s magic
in reindeer
in bursts
of gold and silver
magic that cannot
be held in
they tremble
with power
feet lifting
off the ground
hearts pounding
with excitement
with anticipation
for what is to come
they were born to fly
born to be wild
born to be free
there’s magic
in reindeer

Magic is everywhere…

Magic is all around us.  Too often we are living in our heads, locked in circular arguments, planning the future, thinking of the past, wondering what’s for dinner.  So closed off that we can’t see what’s in front of us.  Beauty and magic…that’s what’s there, if we but open our eyes.

I came out of a restaurant, a few years ago, and when I went to get my car, there was a full gown doe standing there.  She was magnificent.  We stood and looked at each other, for at least five minutes.  She was so beautiful and sweet.  She was calm and had been nibbling at the grass by the edge of the woods.  I kept thinking things to her…I love you.  You are beautiful.  Thank you for letting me see you.  I’ll never forget you…not ever.  She stared at me and I kept thinking at her.  I felt a sense of peace that was so yummy.  We just kept staring at each other.  No one came into the parking lot the entire time.  We were completely alone.  No sounds, just the two of us in a moment out of time.  Eventually she nodded at me, turned and slowly walked back into the woods.  I think of her all the time.  I remember every single detail because it was magic and I walked right into it…we were two beings saying hello. It was a hyper state, where time seemed to slow down and nothing else was happening.  I watched until she was gone.  I stood there for awhile, just coming down, as things returned to normal.  Life can be incredible. For a Chicago girl, seeing a wild deer close up and spending time together, is quite out of the ordinary.


Admittedly, the reindeer is beautiful, the artwork fabulous.  To be honest, however, I like a little more meat on my reindeer.  A reindeer with a heartbeat and eyes.  But all reindeer eventually look like this beauty, so I suppose if he wants to keep working, it’s up to him. He has wonderful antlers.



reindeer are made out of magic
it’s part of their DNA
passed on from their mothers
who love them
all reindeer can all fly
they belong to the moon
and to the stars
they are part of the night sky
so naturally they can’t stay on the ground
at least not all of the time
they are gifts from the Universe
magical beings
here to show us
that life is much more enchanting
than we think it is

Post Script

The expression on this reindeer’s face, is so shy and charming that I can’t stop looking at him.  Magic swirls around him and he’s in tune with the entire night.  I wish I could hug him because some things are just so sweet that that’s the only thing one can do to stop the yearning.  If you hug a reindeer, or a horse, your hearts beat as one.  It’s a wonderful feeling and alway showed me that the horse and I were the same.  Just lean into one, put your arms around him, your head against his neck, and then you’ll know that heaven isn’t somewhere in the sky, it’s really in your arms.



and what about reindeer
sure we know what reindeer look like
don’t we
what if they look like this
if they are from fairy
you just never know
he’s beautiful
of course
but he doesn’t look like the reindeer
we’re used to
that’s for srue
as long as he can pull the sleigh
I guess no one will mind
I’m not sure if he eats carrots
but with a beak like that
it’s doubtful that he’s a vegetarian

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