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Poetry…a poem

poetry is a heartbeat in words

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poetry can sometimes be like taking off all of your clothes and laying down naked with your eyes open and letting everyone look at you flaws and all  

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sometimes poems come rushing out words in a hurry looking for freedom and a blank page assembling and reassembling themselves until they are satisfied that they can be understood telling their story getting their point across bringing laughter passion and … Continue reading

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Notre Dame in flames…a poem

in the flames the church did burn it’s timbers ripe with age a monument to the wealth of man to grandure rich and proud it’s buttresses were well admired tourists stood in line for hours just to see inside but … Continue reading

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are there special words to be used in a poem words that are cloudy obtuse and pedantic are poems often written upside down wrong ways around or even backward is a poem considered good when it can’t be understood are … Continue reading

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Holly mentioned FERLINGHETTI, so Melanie looked him up and so did I…WOW

LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI…poet.   I just read I AM WAITING and it was wonderful.  I’m going back for more.  Thank you Holly.  So much.

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Tommy volunteered to read a poem from Johnny, Resa’s cat. He has a thing for Emily, my cat, and sent the poem to the chicklets. Cleo, Tommy’s sister just wanted to be on stage to see what it was like and the bird enjoyed sitting on the microphone.

Johnny wrote a poem for Emily, while listening to Für Elise  Für Emily Me me me me me meow meow meow Some shed tears Of joy Meeeeeeeeeee ow Some shed tears Of Sorrow Mewewewewew ’Tis but A piano’s note Compared to … Continue reading

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