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all poets are renegades writing outside the box telling it like it is in a few words getting their messages across to those who understand freedom and truth Poetry is underplayed because it’s so dangerous keep writing

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Okay, so…

Another thing about poetry books.  Some, that are written by men, reduce women to body parts.  They talk about us as if we are things.  Things to be used, laughed at and treated like garbage.  They call us names and … Continue reading

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Poetry…a poem

poetry is sculpture made with words instead of clay poetry use words to form figures to show color and form there is little difference between clay and words both are tangible in their own way a sculpture is poetry using … Continue reading

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Bukowski…and Firth

Went to a used bookstore (a different one), AGAIN, today.  I mean, it’s right by the Chicago Botanic Garden, how could I NOT stop???  So, I don’t really like Bukowski.  I used to like him, but he seemed to really … Continue reading

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poetry long stories few words heart of the matter to the point hidden meanings secrets cloaked in metaphor truth deception movement reaching humorous intimate mysterious life and death magical poetry has something for everyone

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Poetry…and relationships

I was reading poetry today.  I couldn’t relate to any of the poems I read.  They were all about people/women being broken and put back together.  About other people/men not seeing the fire, beauty, spark (whatever) in a woman, and … Continue reading

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through poetry our heart is able to tell us what we need to know

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