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The Singer…a poem

he stood on the stage in the smokey room the words playing tag in his mind the audience was still waiting eyes closed he started to sing and the whole world fell into place and was alight with passion   … Continue reading

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Poetry in neon…a poem

poems flung into distant nights fly free whispering into un-expecting ears bringing new understanding of a changing reality   Photo:  Meadow Marie Unsplash

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Bad Habits…a poem

what is a BAD HABIT who decides bad habits are what life seems to be all about like everything else a bad habit to one may seem like a good habit to another I guess that’s just the way things … Continue reading

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it’s funny how so many people think wearing a mask takes away their freedom when they don’t have any problem taking away freedom from women minorities the elderly Native Americans gays & lesbians immigrants and the poor they don’t seem … Continue reading

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what is HUMAN KINDNESS is it feeding someone giving them money where does it begin and does it ever end does it only exist for other human beings not the the animals who are slaughtered and eaten worn on the … Continue reading

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Virus…A Story Poem…

a virus released by the government in order to thin the herd so that fewer would starve from the food shortages that began once that same government hoarded and genetically mutated seeds so that farmers had to buy seeds rather … Continue reading

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A heap of…love

like a heap of small children sweet animals nestle together in a pile of love and summer dreams

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it’s okay to go slow as long as you’re not in a hurry to get anyplace or if going slow is as fast as you can go

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Work harder…hahahahahahaha

WORK HARDER so the elites can play golf go yachting fly in their private jets to vacation on lovely islands buy a fifth home in Paris with a full staff acquire more cars vote themselves huge raises while they raise … Continue reading

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Mother Nature had an understudy an intelligent and hard working female who was in charge of urban areas cities really BIG cities some small cities as well but most of of her time was taken up with BIG CITIES because … Continue reading

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