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Neon and poetry…words

Free Man in Black Jacket Standing in Front of Red and Yellow Led Light Stock Photo

a poem
has gone missing
the only reward
is in reading it
if found
please share


Photo:  Levent Simsek

Henry, Margie, Devin and Flying Lavender…poems

My name is Margie

the chicklet in the air is named Lavender
she’s one of the ones who refuses to believe
that chicklets can’t fly
she says that they can
and she’s proving it right now
but we know that flying on a wire
is not the same thing as using one’s wings
it makes her happy
and that’s all that really matters
the bunnies love to watch her
whiz around the Party Barn
and since it’s their day
she’s happy to do it for them


My name is Henry

I love bunnies
they save lives
they are selfless
and their kindness
knows no bounds
they work around the clock
when they are needed
and never ask for anything
they are so wonderful
and we are all so grateful
for everything they do


My name is Devin

I love bunnies too
who doesn’t love them
I mean they are so cool
and sweet
with cute ears
and the best personalities
sometimes they sleep in our nests
or beds just for fun
that’s always something we look forward to
because we love them so much


My name is Lavender

I love bunnies
I fly for them
but sometimes I get dizzy
and that’s not fun
I fall over when I get off the wire
but no one laughs at me
they just try to hold me steady
until I can walk again
the bunnies appreciate what I do for them
I know that
because they tell me so
I love them
and will do anything for them

Signs…a poem…3 pictures

I’ve carried lots of signs
for lots of reasons
in lots of places
marched with others
for lots of reasons
in lots of places
in crowds so enormous
the risk of being
trampled to death
was very real
that’s what we do
we carry signs
or flags
or wear buttons
or make posters
for our front doors
or wear ribbons
or go door-to-door
or pass out leaflets
at train stations
or on the street
or make phone calls
or donate time
and money
to make it
even if it no longer works
is all we have
those who hold
the power
over all of our
and the lives
of our children
loved ones
cats and dogs
our environment
the innocent
and the earth Herself
in their greedy hands
we do those things
because we can’t do
anything else
we have given away
our power
and this is what happens
when people are



Photo 1:  Markus Spiske
Photo 2:  Bruno
Photo 3:  Philbo

all from:  Unsplash


Neon, Light, Night, Wall, Electricity

life is like
in Chicago
you know the sun is there
but you can’t
or touch it
the sun
a huge
flaming star
can’t seem to burn it’s way
through the clouds
and if you listen carefully
you can hear the clouds
laughing as they spread
their darkness over the land
and life
by the way
is nothing more than an
it’s not something
you can hold in your hand
or point to
life is ethereal
it’s something
we collectively
agree exists
so life is what we call
whatever this is
we’re doing
because humans
hate to admit
they don’t have
a clue
as to what’s
really going on


Picture:  Pixabay

On the edge…a poem

Nature, Trees, Outdoors, Exploration

life hangs on
no matter where it is
as the ground falls away
the roots of trees
hold to the soil
they can find
a flower will grow
in the crack of a sidewalk
life hangs on
striving to
except for us
we are the takers
of life
in all its forms

Background, Wallpaper, Skull

Pictures:  Pixabay

Home…a poem

brown wooden house in the middle of green trees

she built her home
out of magic
the walls
were formed from
bits of poetry
random words
torn memories
and pages
from her favorite books
and chocolate
made up the ceiling
and yes
there were
shreds of rage
and revenge
moments of
and despair
that sometimes
littered the floor
but the cats
and trees
brushed those things aside
covering her nest
with beautiful leaves
and soft contented


Photo:  Mikaela Stenström


Goose, Bird, Flight, Flying

as far as we know
a goose
doesn’t think
about flying
she just flies
is what she does
it’s as natural to her
as breathing
we can’t know for sure
but I doubt she thinks about
not being able to fly
about having to walk
or crawl everywhere
it doesn’t seem as if she would
compare herself to other beings
and wonder why they were always
on the ground
and not in the air
I think our species is the only one
that thinks about what others
can and cannot do
the only one
that thinks of never ending destruction
and deadly weapons
that could end all life on the planet
I think we’re the only broken ones here
I think every other species
just lives
and does’t worship death
I don’t think a goose hates
or wants more than she needs
I think a goose is balanced
and in harmony with nature
she isn’t other
but part of
we are the ones who are
out of place
we don’t belong here
we are the enemy
to every
living thing


by Honey

life changes all the time
the humans try to push the animals out
they take their habitats
their food and water
they think everything belongs to them
even our bodies and coats
they take and never give
they don’t have the chicklet spirit
in their hearts
that’s why they are so mean
they don’t know how to share
and see the beauty in everyone
and everything
animals never take too much
I wish we could fit all living things
inside The Coop
all living things
except the humans
then everyone would be happy

by Lester

bunnies are our friends
they work in the hospital
and in the nursery
they are never too busy
to warm someone
or to help others
bunnies are soft
and loving
I’m so happy to have them
as friends
I’m so happy they live at
The Coop

by Lois

Chicklets have power
the power of kindness
the power of love
the power of sharing
and seeing beauty in others
that’s no small thing
Chicklets love almost everyone
not factory farm workers
or mean people who hurt animals
but everyone else
Chicklets are eager to learn
and to teach
they care for each other
Chicklets save lives
they fight back
and rescue others from
Factory Farms
Chicklets are political
and they are willing to
do what needs to be done
to help those in need
I am proud to be a Chicklet
I realize how fortunate I am
I promise to always be a good
Chicklet and fight
for what’s right

by the Flying Chicklet

Our wings might not
get us off the ground
but if flight is all you dream about
you can find a way to do it
never give up on your dreams
unless it makes you unhappy
then get a new dream
because it’s silly
to waste your entire life
moping around
but if you want to fly
you can do it
even if you can only fly
in a straight line
it’s still flying





Poetry…a poem

Silhouette, Isolated, Writing, Hand

fall from a pen
word by word
telling truths
and lies
never knowing which is real
but stories must be told
if the human species
is to survive


Picture:  Pixabay

The Singer…a poem

Free stock photo of artist, band, bass, black-and-white

he stood on the stage
in the smokey room
the words playing tag
in his mind
the audience was still
eyes closed
he started to sing
and the whole world
fell into place
and was alight


Markus Spiske

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