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I don’t know if humans truly are pack animals sometimes I think we are completely territorial and need to live alone and just get together when it’s absolutely necessary Advertisements

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No matter what…

no matter what was going on I knew that everything would be okay if I could only lean against you

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poetry is a way to say what you want to say in as few words as possible

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Fabulous book of poetry…

Won the Goodreads award.  I highly recommend this excellent book.

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I write in books…a lot

This is one of the poems in Bukowski’s book, THE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE FLOWERS AT LAST.  No matter how I look at this poem, I don’t see it the same way he does, even thought he wrote it.  LOL  He … Continue reading

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Prison…a poem

if you feel as if you’re trapped in a prison cell check first to see if the door is locked because sometimes it isn’t     if you look for a makers mark don’t be surprised if you see your … Continue reading

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Doom and gloom, or light and bright…

when days are dark and dreary they can bring stress and feelings of loss hopelessness and doom   if the sun peeks through the clouds a switch is immediately flipped and happy thoughts flood my mind and everything is beautiful … Continue reading

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