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From: emilys list…These are pro-choice, pro-women who have been fighting for our rights. VOTE FOR THEM.

vote for:

State Sen. JEN JORDAN (GA) for Attorney General

Gubernatorial candiate STACEY ABRAMS (GA)

ANDREA CAMPBELL (MA) for Attorney General

MAURA HEALEY (MA) for Governor

DANA NESSEL (MI) Attorney General


LETITIA JAMES (NY) reelect Attorney General

GOV. KATHY HOCHUL (NY)  reelect Governor




We have to get as many people to vote democratic as possible because…2 pictures

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If the republicans get the senate, there’s no telling what they will do.  Make abortion illegal in the entire country, take away birth control, go after same sex marriages, trans people and anything else, that in THEIR opinion, isn’t the way people should live.  They can take away MORE of our choices, if they win.  We have to vote and get young people to vote as well.  We have to stop the republicans in November, this Tuesday too, of course.  Vote.

I hope all the republican people who are outraged by what the supremes did, will come over to the democratic side, for the sake of their daughters and every woman they know.  For those women who work against other women…I hope something very different for them.

Remember what generations of women went through to get us the vote.  We need it now, more than ever.  They gave their lives for us.  I’m grateful for their courage and determination.  VOTE


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