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Annette Louise Alister

Annette was an adorable child, one who answered to several names.  Her mother called her Annie, her beloved grandmother called her Nettie and her father called her Net-Net.  The children in her neighborhood, well, they called her by her given … Continue reading

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Siena, Italy

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Crowded street in Siena

Siena, Italy

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Siena, Italy

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Another beautiful and uplifting statue in Siena, Italy

Always a good idea to wear a lovely and ornate protective helmet in battle but, uh, it might be a good idea to wear protective clothing as well, right?  Maybe all the army guys fought naked, or perhaps just some … Continue reading

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This pizza was delicious.  The crust was thin and truly crispy.  It was in a lovely place in Siena, Italy and it was soooooo good.  Cheese, tomatoes and eggplant.

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Siena, Italy

I have no idea why these fake flowers were attached to his pipe but I thought it was interesting.  It’s very high up and I wonder why.

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Siena, Italy

I never get tired of these earthy colors.  They blend together so beautifully.  Warm and inviting.

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Passageway…Siena, Italy

The light was always changing.  That made it warm, beautiful, interesting and sometimes a little eerie.

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Siena, Italy

A narrow, earth tone street in Siena.  There is a tiny balcony on the upper right.  It will probably be filled with flowers before long.  I love balconies and the flowers they hold…no matter how tiny they are.

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