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This is a FANTASTIC…TED Talk If you are female/male/know kids/have kids watch the entire talk. Seriously…don’t miss this one. It is something everyone needs to think about to bring about change. Really important. Females have been saying these things forever but now a man is saying it, but he’s a good and passionate speaker. Disney is one of the very worst.


Blogger, Miguel Olmedo Morell, said there was a new book coming out on Shakespeare and Company, so I looked it up immediately.  Here’s the scoop:

A History of the Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

384 pages
$26.62 on Amazon

Looks fantastic

Comes out the beginning of September

Okay, so…happiness

I think the key to happiness is to find, and STATE IN ONE WORD, if possible, what makes you happy.  My word is FREEDOM.  My word has alway been FREEDOM.  Without FREEDOM, I wouldn’t have love, joy, fun, or happiness. Having FREEDOM opens the door for all the good things in life to come in.  Without FREEDOM I wouldn’t be able to live MY life, but would be like so many others, living to please other people and that never worked for me, not even as a kid.  It doesn’t work for a LOT of people but they don’t have a word of their own, so they live by the words of others.  I’m guessing that FREEDOM has as many definitions as there are people, but my definition works for me.

If you don’t find your word, happiness won’t be able to find you.  Your definition can’t change from one minute to the next…that would be like trying to cook dinner when everyone keeps changing their mind, as to what they want to eat, every second.  When you find your word, all the things associated with it will make their way to your doorstep and believe me, with that word, no matter what happens, you will be okay.  I believe our word can change, over time.  We change, so our word might change as well, but mine has always been the same.  I have to have a way out, even if it’s death, because I refuse to live any other way but my own.  Because I’m free, I have everything.

The bottom line:  if you don’t find your word, you won’t recognize the happiness you think you want, even if it’s right in front of you.  Find your word.  Ask yourself what it is and then when it’s yours, DEFINE it.  You can’t get lost, once you have your word.  Try to keep your definition tight, so it’s not so big it becomes meaningless.  And don’t lie to yourself…don’t say love, or peace in the world, if painter, or poet, is your word.  If you lie to yourself you won’t be happy.  It’s NOT SELFISH to want to be who you are, to have your own word.  That is a LIE society tells people, especially females.  Your word is FOR YOU, not for the world, or your for family.  Once you have your word, those things will automatically fit in.  But your word is yours alone.  Definetrue happiness for your soul, in one word.  That’s the key to a happy life.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.


Rock Stars — In Jim’s Garden

Some flowers and some bugs – It’s like they were born to be Rock Stars. Natural light photography. Great light. Great subjects. Swallowtails, zinnias, beebalm and echinacea – Rock Stars!

via Rock Stars — In Jim’s Garden

Shakespeare and Company…Paris

Can’t wait to go back….

Have you ever noticed…

have you ever noticed
how people who constantly give advice
never take any

What if…


Conspiracy OIub



This book is for anyone who loves books, bookstores and literature.  It’s only 166 pages long but its kind of wonderful.  It clearly shows how books can change lives, build relationships and change a person’s worldview.  It’s a nicely made little book as well.  I read it in one sitting and enjoyed it very much.

New wave…


Picture from: Pixabay

The new models were not working out according to plan.  Sure, they weren’t demanding and they were willing to work long hours for nothing but they broke down a lot, and it was difficult to read their moods.  They were quiet and didn’t blink but they seemed strange, in ways that were unexpected.  The above model was scrapped for the new 841, which will be out in a month or two. The human-like ultra robots were too costly, so less expressive models were produced.  Hope is high that the 841’s will work out well.  Eventually, the ultra rich will begin phasing out humans, until they are gone, so they will no longer have to deal with their complaints.



Best Thanksgiving book for children.  Teaches compassion, kindness and understanding.  It you need a gift for a child, consider this wonderful book.

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