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Whatever happened to NEVER AGAIN?

Photo:  Hanna Balan

Earth…a poem

Globe, Earth, America, Usa

I wanted to write a poem
about a lovely
blue planet
in a sky full of stars
a planet teeming with life
in it’s beauty
but then I realized
I would be writing a dream
for while the lovely blue planet
was truly spinning in a sky full of stars
diversity was hated
and so was life
and greed
weren’t just destroying
life forms
they were destroying the planet
and few seemed to care
red flags
and wake up calls
were everywhere
but people turned a blind eye
to the obvious
lived in denial
or a world of lies
and still the planet
spun through a sky
filled with stars
a gift
that was never
never loved enough
never tended
or cared for
a planet that met all of our needs
but was ravaged and pillaged
poisoned and starved
while the few shouted
and held up their pictures
and grafts
showing the destruction
and the many did nothing
while a powerful few
danced on the
money held tightly
in their
clenched fists



Photo:  Pixabay

Okay, so…

woman in black crew neck t-shirt

I just talked to my granddaughter a little while ago.  She said she’s afraid to go out alone.  Everything she sees and hears, tells her more women are being raped, or murdered.  Men are breaking into houses and not caring who sees them.  She said, it’s terrible.  So many women are afraid.   No place is safe.  She said she only goes out when her boyfriend is with her (they live together).  She stopped swimming, taking walks or doing any of the things she loves to do.

It makes me sick.  Really sick, to hear her say things like that.  I’m SO enraged that women are forced, by evil and hateful men, to live like prisoners.  Living in constant fear is unhealthy and it KILLS DREAMS.  It literally kills females, of course, but no one really seems to care.  If they cared, something would be done to STOP it from CONSTANTLY HAPPENING.   Fear destroys their innocence, their trust, their freedom and their hopes and DREAMS.  FEAR makes the lives of women SMALL.

There was NOTHING I could say to make her feel better without putting her in DANGER.  I couldn’t tell her NOT TO BE AFRAID.  I couldn’t tell her she would be OKAY.  I couldn’t tell her that NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO HER.  All I could tell her was that I understood and that all women live under the constant threat of violence.

I hate this.  Everyone female alive should hate this and even those who are dead should hate this.  And every single male, who is not violent and insane, should hate this as well.

This is the world we ALLOW to exist.  This is the never ending war between women and men.  This is the true and played out hatred of an entire gender, by the other half.

Photo:  Jaqueline Fritz



Okay, so…

Love, Kindness, Meditation, Non-Judgment

I’ve heard so many stories about women who, when shown a bit of kindness, or consideration, burst into tears or are so grateful, they can barely speak.  Women who are mentally, or physically abused by their partners.

See, here’s the thing:  they shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the rare moment of kindness they get from the mean and thoughtless men in their lives.  Kindness should NEVER be so rare, that it makes people cry.

I remember the story of a woman who, when with a new male in her life, burst into tears because he poured a cup of coffee for her.  That was such a foreign act of kindness in her life, she fell apart.

I think cruelty and hatefulness, meanness, and  lack of respect should be acts that STAND OUT, not kindness.  Unfortunately, those things are common today.

I don’t think any of us should taken generosity and kindness for granted, but I do think that should be the basis of a relationship.  Respect, thoughtfulness, consideration, sharing and all good things, should make up the bond between people who love and care for each other.

So many women are isolated and live in fear.  So many women are told over and over again how worthless they are.  So many women believe the lies they are told by the men they live with.

The world is not a nice place for a lot of people.  In my book, no one should cry because the man she’s with poures her a cup of coffee.  No one.  To be that beaten down, that that simple act, was a kindness she never had, makes me sick.

This is not an unusual story.  It’s just the one I chose to write about.  It’s so simple and deadly.  To live a life without love, respect, compassion and kindness is _____________, you fill in the blank.



Is here anyone who isn’t hated? I can’t think of anyone, can you? I don’t think the virus is as dangerous as we are.

Meow…a message from a cat.

grayscale photography of tabby cat

I see things you can’t see.  I can see into more dimensions that you can.  Those you call dead, or departed, are everywhere…they’re all around you.  Things that never manifested on earth, stop by to watch you move through your lives.  You just can’t see them.  I can.

We aren’t allowed to tell you what’s really here, moving through this dimension along with you.  We can’t tell you how the past isn’t really gone and the future is here as well.  If you could understand us, it would change the way you live.  It would change what you believe, it would change everything.

The dead can’t help you.  No one can.  When you look at me, you see wisdom and knowing. Look at any human and all you’ll see is confusion, walls, and blankness.  You may see laughter, joy, pain or sorrow, but those are emotions, not intelligence or knowing.   We were sent her to help you.  To lead you.  But your egomania stops you from seeing yourselves, let alone the rest of the living beings on the planet.

Look at me and you will see truth and true beauty.  Keep in mind, that I am the number one predator in the world, but you, well, you’re the most hateful.   No other animal alive, hates.  Your species is the only one.


Photo:  Dmitriy Karfagenskiy

Clover…broken heart

First, let me apologize for the poor artwork.  I ran out of paper and this watercolor paper is terrible.

Clover’s heart is broken.  He’s been thinking of all the unloved and lonely dogs left outside alone in winter, all the time, really, but especially in winter.  No warm beds, or soft caresses during the night.  Some have frozen water, and frozen food.  Once he saw the pictures on television, and heard the stories, he started howling.  The chicklets and warming bunnies are doing their best to help him, but he can’t understand the cruelty that lives within the human heart.

He said he would like to make the owners live outside, alone, with nothing, maybe a wooden bare house, maybe not.  Some dogs are chained.   He said his heart is truly broken and cannot be put back together.

The chicklets offered to set up a rescue mission, but he said they won’t be able to save all of the dogs who are suffering.  Some have arthritis, some have never known kindness, or love.  He seems inconsolable, and the chicklets don’t know what to do.   AND THEY CAN’T ESCAPE…THEY ARE PRISONERS WHO ARE TORTURED EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL THEY DIE.

The chicklets, as sweet and loving as the are, do not forgive, or forget.  They think those things encourage repeat behavior.  All the animals who suffer in Factory Farm and at the hands of human, are things that can never be forgiven, or forgotten.  There are no excuses.  None at all.  They are slaughtered, eaten, starved, debeaked, tortured and murdered.  And now Clover is sad because of his species.

Cover didn’t understand the hatred and evil that lives inside some human hearts.  Now he knows, and his heart is broken for all the dogs who have nothing and are tortured minute to minute, by thoughtless and ugly humans.  He said he would bite all the people, if he could, and chain them to a tree.  He would give them frozen water and let them lick it.  He said the world is not longer beautiful.

I can relate to Clover.  My heart is filled with rage and thoughts of revenge for all of the helpless animals who suffer and die without ever knowing kindness.  Cruelty to animals, women and children, people of color and those who are different, continue unabated.  I have been taught by examples, that this place is hell, and even the fluffy balls of chicklet love, know that.  Human trafficking constant fear, child abuse, it’s all the same thing. All done to those who are helpless…those with no voice, no choice.

What a pathetic species we are.  Other animals set wonderful examples for us…examples we ignore. I’m sick about the dogs left outside.  Misery and suffering never ends.

HOPELESS is an deadly word and an ugly thing.  Dogs with no hope.  I am really empty right now.  All I can see is death of spirit, and hope.  Suffering everywhere.  So ugly.  Poor souls and the ugly people who torture and disregard their feelings.  Such a terrible place.

Childhood pictures should not look like this…

Indian, Child, People, Kid, Children

What are we dong?  Barbwire shouldn’t even exist.  Just having it, means something is wrong.  Human Rights violations take place every second…everywhere.  America is doing it.  Everyone is doing it.  Why do we pretend to have GROUPS who watch for those things, when the horror, across the globe,  is blatant, and nothing is done about it?

Horrifying how much men hate women…and their fear and hatred leads to death and misery but they don’t care as long as they believe they can control us…

The thing is wealthy women can get safe abortions, the ones married to the men who vote against them.  They can always fly to France or any other more enlightened and less hatefully sexist countries and have a mini vacation and get things taken care of.  It’s poor women and teenagers who suffer and often die because of UGLY, hateful men who despise them.

This quote is from my friend Candy.  Thanks dear friend.  Sisterhood rocks.

What’s going on?


PBS has an hour long program called, “Documenting Hate: The new American Nazi.”  I’m sure it’s an informative and very important program.  I’m not watching it.  I think it’s wrong to give the haters air time.  They don’t deserve attention from anyone but the cops or those who can shut them down.

It’s been many, many, years since I demonstrated against the nazis.  Two kids were arrested for throwing eggs at them. That was what almost started a riot.

Afterward, with all the cops, on foot and on horses, trying to keep the bad guys safe, I decided the nazi’s didn’t deserve any attention at all.  I think that’s what we should do with hate groups, never mention, or acknowledge, them.  Let the undercover cops, or whoever can take them out, just do it and not give them any press at all.  No pictures, no interviews, nothing at all.  If the cops shut them down, they should get medals and raises.

For a long time I thought earth was a prison.  I’m starting to think it’s an insane asylum, or some kind of hell mouth, and I don’t even believe in hell.  Whatever this place is, hate and the people who do it, seem to be coming out of the sewers.  I don’t think there ever were rats and alligators in the sewers, just hateful people.  Rats and alligators deserve better accommodations.  No one should have to share space with those guys.


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