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Rain…a poem

raindrops hit against the windows beautiful music to by ears on this dark and dreary day because it’s not the silence of snow falling

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It’s all about the music…a TED TALK

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Sparrow volunteered to carry the 2019 banner at the party tonight. The Stage Crew came up with the idea to let balloons carry her into the air above the crowd. They did a test run a few minutes ago and their device worked perfectly. They will try and get her down before the party tonight.

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People With Power — A Pondering Mind

via People With Power — A Pondering Mind

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Simply Thinking — A Pondering Mind

via Simply Thinking — A Pondering Mind

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Horse love — Moda-Creative thinking (be sure to open the post for the most beautiful pictures)

via Horse love — Moda-Creative thinking

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muddy waters — thoughtsinbuttermilk

Eduardo Kobra, 2017 Eduardo Kobra’s mural of Muddy Waters at 17 N. State Street (Washington and State). One of the Wabash Art Corridor’s Big Walls Project. via muddy waters — thoughtsinbuttermilk

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Quote: Richard Feynman

This is all very confusing, especially when we consider that even though we may consistently consider ourselves to be the outside observer when we look at the rest of the world, the rest of the world is at the same time … Continue reading

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Berlin street artists…Way to go.

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Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve…party, stay home…whatever, just enjoy yourself.

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