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Valentin’s Day is on its way…

Free Cute Puppy Wearing a Party Hat Stock Photo

Photo:  Anna Shvets


Have a LOVELY Day…

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…a day of love and fun, hearts, chocolate, flowers, and dancing. A poem.

People, Friends, Group, Hands, Signs

that’s what what Valentine’s Day
is supposed to be all about
and for many
it is
people celebrate
new love
old love
gone love
no love
the kind of love
doesn’t really matter
we have decided
to set one day a year
aside for love
wouldn’t it be nice
if instead of individual love
we could spread it out
to cover the globe
if the haters could stop
hating and killing
just for Valentine’s Day
one day
without violence
or ugliness
doesn’t seem like
a lot to ask for
does it
but we all know
that it is
because in general
and in spite of what we want to believe
peace and love
never seems overcome
hate and violence



Photo:  Pixabay

Love is often a bright idea…

Photo:  Lex Guerra

Holiday treats…

Photo:  Melissa Walker Horn

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way…

pink Love neon signage

Plan ahead
show the one you love
just how much
he or she
means to you
and have fun



Photo:  Shaira dela Peña


Happy Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentines Day, Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here…love is on its way.

Love and tenderness are beautiful in all their forms.  Kindness and sweetness is not only recognized, it’s felt deep inside of us.  We are moved by it, made better by seeing it.  Love, when it’s real, is a many splendored thing.


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One of my very favorite pictures…I love it. Valentine’s Day dog.

Pit Bull, Dog, Pitbull, Valentine

Picture from:  Pixabay

Valentine’s Day is coming…

brown and white corgi wearing pink heart shaped hat

Photo:  Ivana Iam

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