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Fire…a poem

every time I see a beautiful picture like this one I hear women screaming as they are burned for being witches by white men who simply wanted their possessions if you’re very quiet and pay attention maybe you can hear … Continue reading

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Wild Fire…

fire wild and out of control rushes across the land devouring everything in its path it doesn’t judge or think it just moves doing what it’s meant to do burning brightly searing heat flames engulfing whatever they touch all the … Continue reading

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The fires in Australia are devastating and Koala bears might now be on the endangered species list. What’s happening is horrifying.

Robert Irwin Struggles To Hold Back Tears While Discussing The Impact Of The Australian Bushfires

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fire doesn’t have intent it has no agenda fire just is it can only do what it’s meant to do and what it’s meant to do is burn

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They are trying to save the animals…3 pictures

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Australia is burning…

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