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Life on a stem…birth, aging, blight and death all played out daily in the garden on a single stem.  The world of flowers.  Interesting and beautiful.

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I have a problem with this…

there is only one happiness in life- to love and be loved –George Sand Anytime you confine something to ONE way of believing or thinking about it, you lose the ability to see the bigger picture.  There are a BILLION … Continue reading

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The weather outside is…

delightful people smiling open light weight coats laughter Xmas cheer and strangers talking to each other     winter joy is often measured in degrees    

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Snowpeople are so cool…I mean that…literally:)

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Death…a gift from my daughter:)

Debbie bought this for me today to celebrate Conversations with Death/A Love Story.  It’s fabulous.  Yay, for presents:)

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I tired to get some cool graffiti but the train was flying by.  Extremely fast freight, but and a cool train.

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Fun gift wrapping…

I love to wrap gifts using all kinds of things:)

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Holly’s sister made her a warm cloak for winter.  The fuzzy part was added around the hood and down the front because Clara, one of the lambs who was helping with the lining, said that it had to be done. … Continue reading

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Merry, merry…

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