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There’s a scene in 84 Charing Cross Road, where Helene Hanff gets her first two books from the London Bookshop.  She’s on her way out, she’s late, but she sees the package, on the communal table in the hallway, and … Continue reading

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If I’m reading a blurb on a book jacket, or a review on Amazon, and I see the word “Heartbreaking,” in the mix, I’m gone.  Seriously, how can “heartbreaking,”  possibly be a word that catches anyone’s attention in a GOOD … Continue reading

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Books..a poem

I’m drowning in books that I haven’t read it’s overwhelming and exciting more are coming to me in the mail and of course I can’t wait to get them because an addiction is an addiction regardless the thing one is addicted … Continue reading

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Byron…A very short story

Pixabay Byron couldn’t understand why all of his friends read their books on electronic devices.  He loved the feel of pages beneath his fingertips, and he liked being able to see how much more he had to read.  There was … Continue reading

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Pear I can, in fact read your mind and your heart.  I’d like to see you. Jasper *** Jasper Please send, Mow’s book on Clover, and Millicent Fabs book called, Pentacles and the New Moon. I’d like to see you too.  I … Continue reading

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Pixabay Every book is made up of twenty-six letters, put into a number of different sequences.  It’s kind of amazing, when you stop and think about it.

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“So, what’s your problem?” A short story about reading…

Pixabay “You think I have an attitude? A chip, on my shoulder? Is that what you think?” she snapped, her hand on her hip,  “Do you have a problem, with me?  Am I not what you expected?  Not what you … Continue reading

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