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THIS is the coolest thing…the words on the walls move, and make patterns, like mountains, trees, etc., then suddenly there is a quote from a book that takes center stage. There are sound effects, waves crashing against the rocks, rain, fire crackling…is incredible and so very beautiful. American Writers Museum 4 pictures

You could sit here for a long time and never be bored.

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Books, paper and ink, deckled edges, hard or soft covers…magic, brought together in one place, just for us. The BOOKSTORE.  Magic, that we have become so accustomed to, that we sometimes take it for granted. Bookstores are a feast for … Continue reading

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This is one way humans communicate with each other…

We communicate with each other through books.  Our personalities, likes and dislikes, make us choose which books we read.  Like people, there are some books we don’t want to be around, some we have no interest in, at all, while … Continue reading

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Story time…

When I was part owner in a bookstore, I always had fun reading to kids during story time.  Okay not always, but a lot of the time.  I liked the way the kids leaned forward, from the floor, or from their … Continue reading

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every book like every person is unique unto itself and tells a different story to everyone who reads it

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Okay, so…

I’m a Harry Potter fan.  Waited in line for the books, went to every film on opening day.  Have watched the DVDs, marathon style, with the grandkids when they were little.  I also have the books on CDs.  I listen … Continue reading

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Books…a poem

sometimes I’m overwhelmed by all of the books in front of me on the shelves of bookstores on the stacks that surround me and I wonder how can I live long enough to read all of them when every Tuesday … Continue reading

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