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Books…a poem.

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made me who I am
we all come to this planet
with an innate personality
but what we do with it
I am positive
that when I was a fetus
I was bored
and wanted a few books to read
my mom said
it was far too dark to read
until I was born
and besides
she couldn’t figure out
how to get a book to me
let alone a flashlight
I said that I understood
but I really didn’t
I felt deprived
I always feel deprived
when I’m not surrounded by books
or plants
or cats
none of which fit inside a person
when she’s pregnant
believe me I know
but books are one of my great
I’ve lived in them
since I was able to read
and I read at a very early age
I started and never stopped
the whole world is written down
on paper
all the dreams and fun stuff
if you know which books to pick
and sometimes books are free
at libraries
and at wee book stands
in neighborhoods
I put books in them all the time
so they get passed around
but my mind
was fed on monsters
and outer space
and vampires
and horses
books are in piles on the floor
not enough shelf space
I look at them
touch them
flick through the pages
carry them around
and thank them
for giving me
an exciting and perfectly
books are extra beautiful
when a cat is sleeping on them
that’s a fact
you can probably look it up
because it’s absolutely true
cats make everything better
even books
and sometimes cats read
when we aren’t looking
I know Emily does
because she gets more clever
so if you want to be happy
get a cat and read all the time
it’s the answer to
that age old question
why are we here


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Today is WORLD BOOK DAY…celebrate by spending the day reading.

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Each of us a story in time…short story poem

a ladder leaning against a bookshelf filled with books

each of us a story
a book
captured in time
no two alike
pushing the next generation
of tales forward
changing the font
and plots
according to
what is taking place
in the lives
of the living


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Okay, so…books.

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it’s kind of weird
when you look at a book blog
excited to see what someone is reading
only to find that you wouldn’t read a single book
on the list
knowing that the writer of the list
wouldn’t read a single book on your list either
I sort of love that
the fact that there are books for each of us
books that tell the stories we each want to read
books that sometimes
seem to be written
just for us


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Time spent browsing bookstores is never wasted…

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And a new reader is born…

boy wearing gray vest and pink dress shirt holding book

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Perfect bookstore…books and cats…it doesn’t get better than that.

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I love pictures of books and I love it when you can read the titles…

a stack of books sitting on top of a wooden chair

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There is no such thing as too many books. You can stack them anywhere, on the floor, on a windowsill…anywhere. Books, plants and cats and dogs, make a place a home. BOOKS are the the artwork of of our souls.

assorted-title book lot beside window

Photo:  Florencia Viddana

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