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Book addiction…

I have more books than I will live long enough to read.  I’m not alone in that obsession.  Book addicts are not uncommon.  I just ordered two more last night and picked up one at Barnes two days ago.   I … Continue reading

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Books…a poem

to hold a book in our hands to feel its weight to shut out the world and it’s problems by getting lost in the pages of a different reality to run our fingers over the texture of the paper and … Continue reading

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Today is my birthday…Virgo (9 pictures of books)

Yesterday, when Deb and I went out, we ate at MOD Pizza.  We LOVE their salads and pizza, since you can put anything you want on them.  There are MOD Pizza places scattered all over, but we like the one … Continue reading

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Readers and books…Life

It’s true when they say that every person who reads the same book, reads a different one.  Like everything else in life, we read what we are.  We interpret the words by running them through our personal filters, our personal … Continue reading

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When I read this quote, all I could think of was how cold his living space much be…

Why buy a book when you can join a library. Ricky Gervais

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THIS is the coolest thing…the words on the walls move, and make patterns, like mountains, trees, etc., then suddenly there is a quote from a book that takes center stage. There are sound effects, waves crashing against the rocks, rain, fire crackling…is incredible and so very beautiful. American Writers Museum 4 pictures

You could sit here for a long time and never be bored.

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Books, paper and ink, deckled edges, hard or soft covers…magic, brought together in one place, just for us. The BOOKSTORE.  Magic, that we have become so accustomed to, that we sometimes take it for granted. Bookstores are a feast for … Continue reading

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