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Perfect bookstore…books and cats…it doesn’t get better than that.

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Photo:  Ricardo Oliveria

I love pictures of books and I love it when you can read the titles…

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Photo:  Hailey Moeller


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There is no such thing as too many books. You can stack them anywhere, on the floor, on a windowsill…anywhere. Books, plants and cats and dogs, make a place a home. BOOKS are the the artwork of of our souls.

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Photo:  Florencia Viddana

Library, Quote

Library, Books, Reading, Knowledge

A library is where ideas sleep between covers,
waiting for you to discover them.

Picture:  Pixabay
Quote:  AZ Quotes

Climb into a good book and READ…

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PHOTO:  Anna Taylor

Book lover…words

brown wooden chair beside white wooden desk

as a book lover
I admit
that I sometimes buy books
by their covers
I read the one-star reviews
on Amazon
because that’s where
the real information is
I never finish books I don’t like
I never reread books either
how can I
when there are always new ones
waiting in the wings
I have way too many copies
my favorite childhood book
where kids are smarter
than adults
I have an insatiable hunger
for books
when I’m in a bookstore
books whisper to me
like dogs in a shelter
they’re all looking
for a forever home
but books know those
who aren’t interested in them
those who walk past their section
without a glance
they don’t fall off the shelf
unless they know the reader
will love them
a romance novel
would never follow me home
I binge read
for whole days at a time
living on cookies
and peanut and jelly sandwichs
(mostly cookies)
and I  wait impatiently
for the drop dates
of my favorite authors
my TBR piles
don’t make me feel bad because
I know the next book I might want to read
will be there waiting for me
I get gift cards
to bookstores for presents
my house is made of books and plants
and I wouldn’t have it any other way
I think the books are happy
I know Emily is
cats like books
I’m sure she reads
when I’m asleep
I think all cats do
if you find an open book on the floor
you probably interrupted
your cat
don’t pick it up
let her finish it
she’ll love you for it




Photo:  Asal Lotfi

This is why I love independent bookstores, dogs and cats, from: Bored Panda

Bookstore Becomes More Magical When Golden Retriever Is Appointed As Manager

Reminding you of two very good books on resistance…

Books…a kind of story poem.

she sat there
surrounded by books
actually she sat
surrounded by the thoughts
and ideas of others
that’s when she realized
that everything she read
she simply translated
into her own reality
or disagreeing
as things were sifting
through her personal library
of experiences
and conditioning
it’s true
she thought
no one ever does read
the same book
we can’t
we simply have a silent
with the author
and what we get out of it
is based on who WE are
while we are reading
another person’s thoughts
we are automatically
interrupting what we read
and turning it into
our own personal
that no one else
can ever truly

Photo:  Ally Griffin

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