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The Santa contest is over. Lily Ducks was the winner and she will be Santa for the Chickmas party this year…starting right now.


The DJ and her assistant are on their way to the studio to get the party started…they always start with Queen’s WE WANT IT ALL…they’re usually talking about Holly’s treats, but it’s just a tradition.


Resa is busy setting up her gowns and treating the chicklets to her special seed pies…


Last minute decorations are going up today…

Twas’ the night before Chickmas…3-9

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
in hopes that St. Chicklaus soon would be there

the chicklets were sleeping
all snug in their beds
while visions of corn bread
danced fast in their heads

the hens in their kerchiefs
the roosters in caps
didn’t have time
for a long
winter’s nap

when out on the lawn
there arose such a clatter
they ran to the window
to see what was the matter

and what to their wondering eyes
did appear
but a miniature sleigh
and one tiny reindeer

as they drew in their heads
they heard a new sound
and there was St. Chicklaus
when they turned around

There were gifts for the chicklets
the hens and the cats
the dogs and the roosters
the horses and bats
the cows and the goats
the birds and the ducks
even the pigs and the squirrels were in luck
all were included
it’s always that way
so everyone there
had the very best day




The present goes INSIDE the bag…some of the baby chicklets need help.

Twas’ the night before Chickmas 2 (read below)

Twas’ the night before Chickmas
and all through The Coop
the chicklets were playing
with their hula hoops


I’m starting this early…so…

Twas’ the night before Chickmas

A Chickmas tree…


the chicklets are
all about equality
and they know that
around the world
do not have it
so this tree
is for females


Chicklet Martha found one of her gifts and she’s very happy…

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