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our bodies belong to US not to the government not to the state not to the country not to MEN our bodies are not goods to be sold, traded, or owned by OTHERS women are living, breathing human beings and … Continue reading

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Please watch this 6 minute IMPORTANT TED Talk


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women are made of grace and beauty born to move as dancers free open and glorious until they are restricted by rules behavor male violence culture brutality hatred stoning beatings SILENCE and even death across the globe culture disfigures women … Continue reading

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Seriously, every woman should walk with her keys between her fingers and go for the eyes, if attacked.


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This is a symbol of freedom. Of fighting back. Of strength, solidarity and female power.


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Okay, so…really long rant about pretty much everything…

Does the universe, or whatever you believe in, have our backs?  Do things always happen for a reason?  Is misery and suffering in our lives to teach us lessons, or the ever insane belief that without the bad stuff we … Continue reading

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In 1940, there was a rumor going around that women were going to take over the government…everyone celebrated in their own way.


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