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Okay, so…

I don’t know about you but I never stop being embarrassed by the poses women make in print.  They look ridiculous, bent into strange positions, their faces contorted into…into I don’t know what.  They posture and twist and try to … Continue reading

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We’re used to SEEING and EXPECTING women to look twisted, pouting, or perhaps as if they’re having a religious experience. Men NEVER want to look stupid and pathetic. They want to look cool, causal, in control, and as if they have a working brain cell. It was almost impossible to find a picture of a man posing like a woman. This is a “parody” shot, but he’s not doing the pout. No chicken lips for him.

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Believe it…

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This is the truth…

Don, from A Pondering Mind, sent this to me.  So cool.

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Women…a poem

women are rock and roll infused with jazz moody sensual loud creative and passionate that’s why women are always dancing

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Okay, so…bits and pieces.

No matter who we are, or what we do, we all end up in the same place at the end…dead.  No one alive knows what happens after that.  Absolutely no one. It’s weird that so many people live their lives … Continue reading

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Equal pay for equal work…

Canada passed a law that women will now make the same amount of money as men, for doing the same work. The thing is: why are women always paid LESS than men for doing the same job?  It’s called forced … Continue reading

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