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Seriously, every woman should walk with her keys between her fingers and go for the eyes, if attacked.

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This is a symbol of freedom. Of fighting back. Of strength, solidarity and female power.


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Okay, so…really long rant about pretty much everything…

Does the universe, or whatever you believe in, have our backs?  Do things always happen for a reason?  Is misery and suffering in our lives to teach us lessons, or the ever insane belief that without the bad stuff we … Continue reading

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In 1940, there was a rumor going around that women were going to take over the government…everyone celebrated in their own way.


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Forget Girl Scouts…be a Wtich


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Women are brave, survivors, protectors…never forget that


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Candy just sent this to me…Gag! This is so wrong, so very, very, INSANE.

From:  Feminist News

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