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These are REALLY good…from: Bored Panda…not only “outdated,” they never should have been in the first place.

This Thread Has Women Sharing 30 Outdated Things Society Expects Them To Do

One of the guy’s who was helping a woman drank her drink and was drugged, the drug meant for the woman. Women are always in danger. Some guys help them. From: Bored Panda

Men In This Online Community Shared 30 Times They Protected Women By Pretending To Be Friends With Them

From: Bored Panda…

This Online Page Creates Satirical Memes Replacing The Word ‘Woman’ With ‘Man’ To Show How Absurd Sexism Is

To walk, or not to walk…that is the question women ask themselves when faced with a dark empty street

Photo:  Patrik László


Okay, so…

woman in black crew neck t-shirt

I just talked to my granddaughter a little while ago.  She said she’s afraid to go out alone.  Everything she sees and hears, tells her more women are being raped, or murdered.  Men are breaking into houses and not caring who sees them.  She said, it’s terrible.  So many women are afraid.   No place is safe.  She said she only goes out when her boyfriend is with her (they live together).  She stopped swimming, taking walks or doing any of the things she loves to do.

It makes me sick.  Really sick, to hear her say things like that.  I’m SO enraged that women are forced, by evil and hateful men, to live like prisoners.  Living in constant fear is unhealthy and it KILLS DREAMS.  It literally kills females, of course, but no one really seems to care.  If they cared, something would be done to STOP it from CONSTANTLY HAPPENING.   Fear destroys their innocence, their trust, their freedom and their hopes and DREAMS.  FEAR makes the lives of women SMALL.

There was NOTHING I could say to make her feel better without putting her in DANGER.  I couldn’t tell her NOT TO BE AFRAID.  I couldn’t tell her she would be OKAY.  I couldn’t tell her that NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO HER.  All I could tell her was that I understood and that all women live under the constant threat of violence.

I hate this.  Everyone female alive should hate this and even those who are dead should hate this.  And every single male, who is not violent and insane, should hate this as well.

This is the world we ALLOW to exist.  This is the never ending war between women and men.  This is the true and played out hatred of an entire gender, by the other half.

Photo:  Jaqueline Fritz



A lot of us REALLY like snakes…especially when we are in our Medusa mood. Definitely then. Poem

Portrait Photo of Woman With Face Art

Medusa was quite fond of snakes
She took them everywhere
She wore them ’round Her ankles
She wore the in Her hair
She carried them throughout the day
And slept with them at night
To see Her walking down the street
Was truly quite a sight
Her face was always veiled
One looked turned men to stone
But the loving haunting Goddess
Was never all alone
The moving hissing serpents
Were all that She adored
In truth
When faced with humans
She because extremely bored
The gods made up some stories
About this Goddess who
Gave birth to every one of them
A thing they could not do
Then enter waring Perseus
Who took Her for his foe
He went to cut off Her sweet head
As most of you do know
But Medusa knew the future
The present
As well
and Perseus wasn’t real
As far as She could tell
So She went about Her business
Being wise and strong
Caressing Her beloved snakes
All day
And all night long


Photo:  Wilson Victorino

Don’t miss this…from Bored Panda…

Texan Valedictorian Addresses The State’s Anti-Abortion Bill After Dropping Her Approved Speech At The Last Minute

This is an interesting book with great full page photographs…2 pictures

From: Candy…women deliver vaccine to remote parts of Alaska…

From: Candy

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