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From: Candy…women deliver vaccine to remote parts of Alaska…


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From: Candy


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From: Bored Panda…so important

People Are Listing The Women That Got Overlooked In History Along With Their Important Achievements (54 Pics) 

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From: Candy…VOTE!!!! Women gave their lives so future generations of women could vote.

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VOTE…a story poem

jailed beaten their hair pulled force fed their medication withheld handcuffed to the bars of their damp moldy cells women fought for the right to vote the only way to properly THANK THEM is to do it VOTE

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From: Wild Woman Sisterhood…

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From: Wild Women Sisterhood…

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No maybe about it…

quotesgram.com Wild Woman Sisterhood

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It’s so much fun…let’s do it as much as possible…

Yogatrail.com Wild Woman Sisterhood

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The idea that MEN can make laws that control women’s bodies, and FORCE THEM to have children after being raped, is so evil that there are no words for it, other than HATEFUL, CONTROLLING, DISGUSTING, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL…Women need to leave the state immediately. From: Bored Panda

After Alabama Banned Abortions, This Lawmaker Introduced A Bill That Would Make Vasectomies Mandatory

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