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Quote by: Emmeline Pankhurst (1857-1928)

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Women united…

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Holly just said that pence wants to stop all abortions, including those in cases of incest. Notice how all the moronic talk is aimed at controlling women AND female children, since pregnant children, due to their fathers, or other men, … Continue reading

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This is what can happen when women take action. This is an amazing TED Talk and shows how women can overcome impossible odds by DOING what has to be done. These women are incredible. They see 3 to 4 hundred patients a day, do 10 to 20 surgeries and manage a town with 90,000 people. There are a few men in the town. If a man beats his wife he is put into jail and if some authority doesn’t take him away he NEVER gets out. Watch this. These women didn’t hope that the lives of women in their country would change. They did something to bring about that change.

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Okay, so…here’s the thing…

I didn’t turn out the way my mother wanted me to.  I was me right from the start.  I learned a LOT from her.  I learned how I didn’t want to be treated and I learned how to love beautiful … Continue reading

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Years ago we drew outlines of dead women on the sidewalks, to protest a Supreme Court ruling and were arrested because someone driving by called the police. Full trial, labeled Anarchists, our records are SEALED and we can’t even get them through THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. What a joke and what a waste of taxpayers money.


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Believe it…keep your laws to yourself cuz we are not going to die for you AGAIN!

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