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FREEDOM includes protesting a government gone bad…

man in black coat holding blue and white signage

Photo: Marc Pell


Photo:  Wayne Zheng

FIGHT BACK…speak up and out. Silence=Death

Free Woman with Signs at Protest Stock Photo

Photo:  Brett Sayles


Sign of the Times…


Sign of the times…

Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra


Sign of the Times…

woman holding does anything even matter anymore? signage near building at daytime

Signs of the Times…4 pictures…be sure to see the last one.

grayscale photo of woman in black and white shirt

Photo:  Lee Chinyame


Free stock photo of acab, activism, adult

Photo:  RODNAE Productions



Photo:  Jeff Stapleton


Free stock photo of adult, banner, bill

Photo:  Mikael Blomkvist


If you’re looking for America…a poem of sorts

Fantasy, Cat, Statue Of Liberty, To Play

Lady Liberty
each day
if you’re looking for
look under porches
in alleys
or in dark small places
where you think government people
who watch other people die
and do nothing
would stay
a cozy
safe spot
where they could
count their money

our government
is willing to let people
be slaughtered
while probably still
buying oil
from the man
who is killing those
innocent people
because if gas prices
go up
American’s will complain

but wait
we put up a no fly zone
for Russian planes
and we don’t want their
we do have our priorities
after all
we know how to punish
people in the arts
and sports
that’s for sure

right now
our government is not only
letting the bully win
they are telling the bully
they aren’t coming for him
brilliant strategy

and by example
the America government
is teaching us
how the game is played
if a member of the government
was in Chicago
cornered by a gang
I would run to the Chicago harbor
and throw a stone at a yacht
or gather a bunch of people
and call for a vote of some kind
and if those things didn’t work
I could honestly say
that I my best
no planes would have flown overhead
and the people who owned yachts
would be angry at the chipped paint
and that’s all I could have done

The Ukraine gave up it’s
nuclear weapons
and because
they followed the rules
they are going to die
and we are going to sit by
and let them

will we do the same thing
when he goes after the next country
and the next
we will
our government
apparently let’s the bad guy
pretty much do what he wants

but then it does seem as if
nice people
and the good guys
are always the ones who die
because what would the world be like
if we allowed heroes
to live

the American people
are as helpless to act
as the Russian people
this is a game
played by powerful men
in government
and either way
we the people
are simply helpless
the victims

no one wants a nuclear war
it could mean the end of
it could mean extinction
but we can’t do what we’re doing either
not and still call ourselves
good people
because good people
never sit by and watch others
without helping in a way
that actually matters


Photo:   Pixabay

It’s all about greed…

Photo:  William Gibson

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