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For Resa and her brave words…1 photo (of me)

Because of Resa, at I took my second “selfie.”  The first one was for the cover of my book.  Anyway, Resa and I were writing to each other about how women feel that they have to hide, as they age. … Continue reading

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I despise outlines.  Teachers should only allow children who like them, to actually DO them.  For the rest of us, well, WE CAN’T DO THEM.  It’s cruel and unusual punishment to MAKE kids write outlines.  They DON’T organize your thoughts, … Continue reading

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every now and then the questionable decisions I’ve made throughout my life swirl around me like a tornado   sure I would make different choices NOW but I trust myself enough to know that everything I ever did was done … Continue reading

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From blogger: Art of Quotation

“If you think we can’t change the world, It just means you’re not one of those that will.” — Jacque Fresco, 1916-2017, futurist, lecturer, author, engineer, author, designer, Goodbye in 2017 More : Jacques Fresco, Futurist Who Envisioned a Society … Continue reading

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From blogger: America is lost — beth tremaglio

America is lost In wasted addictions every feeling expressed at the click of a button, beyond an emoji we can know longer express ourselves, the phone must do that for us, overloaded with information at high speed, unable to distinguish … Continue reading

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Most men…

Pinterest She conquers instagram

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Jack of Hearts…Chapter 50

  “Why were you singing to them?” asked Tim, as he watched Leo swing back and forth.  “Some people never grow up, do they,” said Ace, staring at Leo.  “Leo had a tough childhood.” “Okay, but what about the singing?”  … Continue reading

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Flowers matter…


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Do you believe…

that life is a disease for which there is no cure the death rate is 100% that if governments started a war and no one showed up we could stop war forever that everything we love to eat is bad … Continue reading

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