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I would like wallpaper that looked just like this beautiful colors and shapes covering a wall bringing the wildness inside and I would want it BIG AND BOLD no tiny leaves small and hard to see not for me but … Continue reading

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Daughter’s pictures of a leaves…(2 pictures) and a poem

some believe that leaves turn colors in the fall because of a chemical reaction but it’s not true leaves turn colors to celebrate their freedom the freedom to detach from the tree and fly

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The Colors of Fall…poem

browns and reds gold and purple wet leaves dress up the streets sidewalks and ground making a carpet of beauty on which summer can make her exit   Photo:  Mat Reding Unsplash

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Fall…a poem

fall is here dressed in all her fancy colorful leaves strutting her stuff fluttering and waving saying goodby going out in Nature’s very own designer outfit

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Fall shows up whether we want it to or not, just like most things in life.  Leaves are falling, silent and yellow.  They land on us, as we walk, or they just hit the ground.  They come into our homes … Continue reading

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Fall..a poem

things are starting to fall asleep they’re shutting down looking for places to rest during the long hard winter that’s on its way lullabies are whispering through the leaves while the wind sends warnings telling animals to find shelter to … Continue reading

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The changing colors of the leaves can be a wonderful thing but you don’t see this picture in magazines…

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the cold morning air is just a reminder of what’s waiting in the wings I think fall is laughing as we all shiver and feel the threat of winter gearing up bring snow and ice freezing temps into our lives … Continue reading

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everything is changing leaves are on the ground the light is coming in on a slant the air is cool and crisp its scent earthy and sleepy sounds are crunchy louder sharper trees are turning red and yellow summer is … Continue reading

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Fall in my yard…

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