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Happy fall…

cat lies on tree

Photo:  Omid Armin

Fall…a poem of sorts

fall is a gateway
holding back
as long as it can
but we all know
that winter
always wins
no one
or nothing
can stand up
to winter’s
freezing temperatures
mounds of snow
and slippery ice
but eventually
in her grass green
ballet slippers
twirls in
and winter sighs
knowing that
all that sweet
is so cute
it will literally melt
its heart
making room
for a new gateway
to summer
when the cycle
will begin once again


Photo:  Eugene Golovesov

September…a poem

white braille paper on brown wooden table

such a funny month
it’s as if it has free will
the kind everyone thinks we have
it can be warm and sunny
damp and cool
green or colorful
we never know what September
is going to give us
but the days are shorter
the early mornings nippy
and no matter what September pretends to be
we all know summer is on its way out
and winter has its foot in the door



Photo:  Blessing Ri

Beware, fall approaches and the fairies are awake…a poem

brown dried leaves display

the falling of leaves
and the crunching sound
of footfalls
alert the wee folk
of our approach
they smile with glee
as they wait for their traps
to be sprung
as we untangle ourselves
never realizing
how close we have come
to being enslaved



Photo:  Annie Spratt

Signs of fall…

Photo:  Filipp Romaovski

A new month…closer to Halloween, bare trees, freezing temperatures, bitter wind, ice and snow. Who could ask for anything more? HELLO SEPTEMBER!!!!

happy birthday greeting card beside green ceramic mug

Photo:  Elena Mozhvilo

Fall…the chicklets are getting The Coop ready for the party. New games and a costume contest will be added to the agenda, as well as some other surprises.


The pumpkins are gathering…wondering if it was worth it to spend their entire lives growing, just to be cut up and made into scary faces.

Pumpkins, Pumpkin Patch, Harvest


Mother Nature is getting ready to dip Her paintbrush into reds and oranges…

Road, Forest, Fall, Path, Trail, Trees



person holding brown dried leaf

it’s hot
still summer
but if you take a
deep breath
you can smell
waiting in the wings
are starting
to go to sleep


Photo:  Taylor Wright

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