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Jesse and Shelter cat

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Very short talk by a Storm Chaser…beautiful cloud photographs…from TED

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Fred, Misty and Abbie just want to remind you…

Fred, Misty and Abbie are on their way to a meeting.  The Coop is Growing and they are voting on where to build the new housing units for all the Guests who have decided to stay for a while.  It’s … Continue reading

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Red, pink and white rose

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Blue Moon…from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Beautiful macro photos of plants called Drosera…from Bored Panda

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Brownie Bites…Yum

Enough said…

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Summer night…

I heard the sax first     low jagged sounds crying the blues     then the darkness started moving in     chasing away the light       the closer the darkness edged in     the louder … Continue reading

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Not really…

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pacing she collects her thoughts to stow them away in the bottom desk drawer along with her individuality and her creativity she has no use for them any longer it doesn’t pay to think here no one…

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Stairway to…

Chicago Botanic Garden That’s the fun of finding a path or stairway to…who knows where…the surprise ending.

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