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Just remember, if you go into the forest and the fairies find you…don’t eat or drink anything they offer, don’t accept gifts or make any promises, or all is lost.

Free Gothic lady in Halloween costume Stock Photo

Photo:  Dima Valkov

Okay, so…

Reichsbahn, Dare, Wagon, Train

The second I saw this picture of a train car on Pixabay, I made it into a traveling bookstore.  And why not?  Right?  Can you imagine redoing the inside and stacking the shelves with wonderful books?  Okay, so the car might not be attached to an engine, but there must be some way to move it.

The fantasy is the train car not only moving through the states but also traveling through Europe.  I mean, that’s what fantasies are for…they don’t have to make sense, or be realistic.

Naturally, everyone who came aboard would be wonderful and interested in books, so there would be incredible discussions and tea, cats and new friendships.  The back part, the rear two windows, would be a tiny apartment, for sleeping and other things.

Or it could simply become an art studio OR a gallery, with ever changing shows, or a retreat.

So many choices…all of them amazing and fun.  Just remember that whatever it becomes, there will always be cats.  Always.  And some books.  And chocolate.  Definitely those things, since they all go with everything.

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