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This might be a reblog but it’s from an old journal, so I’m not sure but I love robots and I remember drawing him.

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Melanie knows I collect Bots, so she sent me this adorable ornament.  🙂  So cute.  Thank you Melanie.

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I love bots and hung them on some fallen twiggy branches from one of the trees.  They are in my workroom/studio, so I can see them al the time.

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I have a bunch of tree branches filled with bots, in my workroom.  Debbie bought this one for me last year.  I never put them away.  This is the only Xmas one I’ve seen.

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Barry Bot

Barry Bot was way ahead of his time.  As a boy he gathered this and that and spent hours drawing plans for a mechanical man.  He was quite successful, starting with small crawly things and moving up to bigger hopping … Continue reading

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Mail art/bots

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I love Bots I love Bots because they look so cool and strong I love Bots because they are tough and some are even bendy I love Bots because they have big hearts and big gears I love Bots because … Continue reading

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