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Think about it…if you can. How would that work? What would it be like? Can it be done? Should it be done? We have no examples to fall back on. Cave people didn’t leave any instructions behind…but then, how could they? They were busy killing each other when they wandered into each other’s territory. Just try and imagine NO BORDERS or NATIONS. Go ahead…try. Would all the wars be civil wars? Would we just invade ourselves?

blue and white wall paint

Photo:  Markus Spiske



If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth printed wall taken at daytime

Frida…Graffiti/Street art

man in black and white jacket

Markus Spiske (not sure whether artist or photographer)

Graffiti/Street art…

woman in white long sleeve shirt with blue and white paint on face

Alex bailey (possible photographer in photo, don’t know)
looks as if artist is Hugo

Graffiti art…how gorgeous is this…

multicolored human face paint art during daytime

Chema Photo



Graffiti, Abstract, Grunge, Background


A message…the resistance

Slave, Wall, Saying, Graffiti, Ibiza


Best Christmas graffiti and street art murals  — Street art and graffiti magazine

Christmas graffiti and street art murals. We’ve selected some of the coolest Christmas walls from around the World. Enjoy, share and spread the love! The post Best Christmas graffiti and street art murals appeared first on Street art and graffiti magazine.

via Best Christmas graffiti and street art murals  — Street art and graffiti magazine



Graffiti, Abstract, Grunge, Background

Street art…

Dragon, Editorial, Graffiti, Drawing


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