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Snow White…a very short story

Snow White was a beautiful, sweet and very gentle egret.  Her mother loved and adored her but, like many unfortunate things in this world, there were those who were envious of her pure white feathers, those who wanted her for … Continue reading

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Blue bird…a very short story

She told him that she would return when the blue birds sang. He told her that all the birds were gone. She held very still, then she opened her hand and a blue bird flew from her palm to the … Continue reading

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The Detective…

The flock of flamingos in my yard were absolutely bursting with excitement.  It’s not everyday The Detective passes by.  She gets the job done, solves every case,  but no one has ever seen seen her…all thy ever see is her … Continue reading

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Stella opened her own bar.  She called it THE BOX, to remind people that that’s how most people lived their lives…inside a box of their own making.  She just wanted to let them know that it didn’t have to be … Continue reading

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A very short story about…tradition

“What are you doing?” she asked, looking over his shoulder. He turned and said, “What does it look like I’m doing?” “It looks as if you’re copying that picture of Van Gogh’s.” “That’s exactly what I’m doing,” he said, turning … Continue reading

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The Crash…a VERY short story

After the CRASH, everyone said they didn’t know what happened.  But they did.  They knew what was happening for decades.  They just chose not to do anything about it.

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How they met…a very short story

“Hmmm, tall dark and very handsome, but you probably hear that all the time.” “Actually, I don’t hear it nearly enough,” he laughed, pressing the button to open his car door. “Do you work around here?” “No.  I go to the … Continue reading

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