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The Trouble with Angels…a short story Part 2

Pixabay “Didn’t you used to wear a crown and flowers around your neck?” “I took them off,” said the lamb.” “Why?” asked the little girl. “Crowns are silly and heavy.  Besides, I don’t want to represent a god that would … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Angels…A shortish story

“It’s so dark.” “Try opening your eyes.” “They’re swollen shut.” “I told you not to touch the lamb.” “I didn’t think angels were so mean.” “I don’t know why not.” “I thought they guarded us.” There was a long pause.  … Continue reading

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Okay, so…Angels

If you believe in angels do you think they feel bad when we die?  Why would they?  Why should they?  How could they possibly care about us at all?  Seriously, I don’t think we are important enough for any alien … Continue reading

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Longer than a short story…it kind of got away from me…like life, I guess.   “Hey,” she said. The guy in the hoodie grumbled. “You don’t look so good.” He laughed softly but didn’t move. “What’s your problem?” she asked, walking closer.  “Hungry?” He sighed and his hands twitched. “Come on, I’ll treat … Continue reading

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Street art…

Pinterest Artist” Yz Yseult

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Annie…a short story

“I don’t WANT to be a guardian angel,” she said, stamping her foot. “Your test scores show that’s what you are best suited to be,” sighed the angel. “Test scores don’t MEAN anything,” she said, folding her arms across her … Continue reading

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Here’s a picture of angels…

Pixabay Gellinger

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