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OPERATION GRATITUDE, is a place where you can send your letters to soldiers overseas, or to vets, or to first responders.

I just sent my first three letters.  Not many but I did it.  Too late for holiday wishes.  The rules are on their website but basically, do not put the letters into envelopes, send them in one package, so they are easier for the readers to read them.  No sadness, politics, religion, etc., just thanks and tell them what you’re doing and daily pleasant information…in other words, just chat.

I looked at several groups and this was the one with the fewest rules and complications.  It’s simple and they are happy with children’s drawings, artwork, etc.  So go the link and check it out if you want to say hi to someone away from home.

I just wrote about Chicago and my cat, books, the weather, etc.

ATTENTION:  Letter Writing Program
21100 Lessen Street
Chatsworth, CA

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