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98 Hilarious Bird Posts That Were Too Good Not To Share (New Pics)

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Street Art by Zadok (4) – Endangered 13 / ‘Bateleur Eagle’ — TAB54

via Street Art by Zadok (4) – Endangered 13 / ‘Bateleur Eagle’ — TAB54

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BETSY…book (2 photographs)

I read this book yesterday.  It’s a fast read, a one day read, and I liked it.  Betsy’s a woman who did things her own way, mostly because she had no real idea how to do things.  She’s very “go … Continue reading

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Starting over…part 7

“Who said you could wear my shirt and what’s with the dog?” “Rex, this is my sister.  Her name is Heather, but I call her Crabby Pants.” “Funny,” said Heather. “Take off my shirt.” She did. “MOM!” yelled Lilly.  “I … Continue reading

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Sylvia lives in the attic of a bookstore in Paris.  She’s named after the original owner and founder of the shop.  Every mouse who has ever lived in the bookshop has been named Sylvia.  And a mouse has always lived … Continue reading

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Today is: National Meteor Watching Day

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The chicklets have wanted to go back to Paris, since we got home from Paris, and that four years ago.  Lately, they have been leaving old pictures around for me to see.  This one was from the elevator of one … Continue reading

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🆀🆄🅰🆁🅰🅽🆃🅸🅽🅴 🆂🅴🆁🅸🅴🆂: 🅸🅽🆃🅴🆁🅽🅰🆃🅸🅾🅽🅰🅻 🆂🆃🆁🅴🅴🆃 🅰🆁🆃, 🅲🅾🆅🅸🅳-19, 🅿🅰🆁🆃 31 ~ 1️⃣ “Kill Bill” #internationalnursesday #killbill#umathurman by @harrygrebdesign@umathurman 2️⃣ 🦠 @docteur_bergman 3️⃣ “Mannekin Pis”sing on 🦠 #mannekinpis#coronavirus 4️⃣ #charliechaplin 😷 @darmtp77 5️⃣ #brucelee vs. 🦠 @harrygrebdesign 6️⃣ 😷 🍩 🇬🇷 … Continue reading

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Happy 120th Birthday Antoine de Saint-Exupéry — Waldina

Today is the 120th birthday of the pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. He wrote The Little Prince, a copy of which was given to me by a very good friend. His inscription is included below. The world is a … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

It has been said that Chicagoans have an accent.  People from Chicago can’t hear it, of course, but I don’t doubt that it’s true.  I love New York accents, even though New Yorkers can’t hear their accent either.  It’s that … Continue reading

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