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The Night before Sheepmas…a poem

twas the night before Sheepmas and all through the herd the sheep were all chatting I knew not a word they giggled and snorted and shook out their fur the holidays moved swiftly it all seemed a blur I made … Continue reading

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Life goes on…

Pixabay “I’m not ready to give up performance art but the electric shock from the tree lights didn’t feel good, I can tell you that. And was what that odor?  It smelled like something was burning.” “You were burning but … Continue reading

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Sheep and life…

pixabay “I’m giving up acting.” “Why?  It’s what you’ve always wanted to do.” “Not any more.  Last year I stood on hay and bleated at a plastic doll in a wooden box all night while a flickering star flashed on … Continue reading

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