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Street Art by John D’oh (2021/17) – BOSfest 2021 — TAB54

Street Art by John D’oh (2021/17) – BOSfest 2021 — TAB54

A VERY short story about a dinosaur…

“Arggg,” said the man.

“Excuse me?” said the dinosaur, staring at him.

“Oh.  You speak English.  I didn’t know.”

“You thought Arggg was a word?  You thought my species said things like that?”

The man shrugged.  “I guess so.  I saw it in a movie.  Mooing and Argging.  You know, the sounds dinosaurs usually make.”

“My good man.  I can assure you that no dinosaur has EVER made those sounds.”

“You sure?”


“Maybe you’re just special.”

The dinosaur ate him.  He just couldn’t stand human stupidity.



Photo:  Josh Withers

The last person…short story poem.

the last person on earth
stood looking out the window
it had been three months
since the pulse

he had been deep inside a cave
when it hit
he came out
to a different world

he could have anything he wanted
was his for the taking
he was the richest person
on the entire planet

but without the others
life had no meaning

we were never meant
to be completely alone


Photo:  Julius Espiritu




Street Art by Dan Kitchener (2021/05) — TAB54

Weston super Mare, England. Photo: GarryK / TAB54 12th September 2021

Street Art by Dan Kitchener (2021/05) — TAB54

Take two minutes to watch this beautiful video from Astronomy Picture of the Day

Night of the Perseids


Clock, Watch, Time, Minutes, Seconds

My friend had a Rolex with diamonds around it.   It was in the shop so much she bought a Timex and wore that because it worked all the time and never broke.

Quan Yin…Goddess of Compassion…vowed to keep her eyes closed until violence is gone and love prevails on earth…In other words, She will never open her eyes.

white Buddha statue

Photo:  Thyla Jane

These are the most adorable photographs I’ve ever seen…don’t miss any of them. From: Bored Panda

50 Adorable Baby Animals To Make Your Day


Another feral sweetheart…he could NOT get enough pets and loving. So wonderful and sweet.

Fox meets human…

Photo:  Eric Mclean

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