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Nothing we make can surpass the beauty of Nature.

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How they met…

“Hello,” he said.  “You’re sitting on this park bench alone and I wonder if I might join you?” “Please sit down,” she said, shyly. “Thank you,” he said, making sure not to frighten her, by sitting too close.  “Do you … Continue reading

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yellow — Paul Militaru

via yellow — Paul Militaru

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what she saw in Costa Rica — House of Heart (beautiful post from Holly)

via what she saw in Costa Rica — House of Heart

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This is the way life is.  In order to surf you have to have water, LOTS of water, like an ocean’s worth.  You also need surf, a board, and you have to know how to stand up and stay up.  … Continue reading

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How they met…

“You have to be kidding,” she laughed.  “Of course, I remember.  How could I forget?” “Well, we made a promise, the day we met,” he said, putting his arm around here. “We were ten,” she said, jabbing him in the … Continue reading

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Tulips, still beautiful, are saying goodbye…2 pictures

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This is rescue Doug Patrick. My cousin’s daughter, so my second cousin, I guess, anyway, she’s one of the kids, adopted this beauty a few days ago. He’s very sweet. :)

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Magnetic poetry…

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This is pretty cool…you can see the tiny moons around Jupiter…From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moons Near Jupiter

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