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Nothing we make can surpass the beauty of Nature.

How they met…

“Hello,” he said.  “You’re sitting on this park bench alone and I wonder if I might join you?”

“Please sit down,” she said, shyly.

“Thank you,” he said, making sure not to frighten her, by sitting too close.  “Do you like the city?”

“I grew up here.  It has changed a lot since then.”

“It never stops changing,” he laughed.  “It’s different everyday.”

“I used to have a dog,” she said.  “Her name was Petunia.  Do you have a dog?”

“Not at the moment.  They don’t allow pets in my apartment building.  But I had a dog when I was a kid.  A German Shepherd.  He was a great dog and I still miss him, even after all these years.  He was always by my side.”

“I miss Petunia, as well, so I understand how you feel.  Children need the kind of love and support only animals can give them.”

“That’s so true,” he said.  “Most of us love our animal companions more than we do other people.”

She smiled her agreement.

“I’ve seen you here before,” he said.  “Often.”

“I like the garden,” she said, nodding. “And the flowers are so beautiful.   But you’re the first person who has stopped to chat.”

“People don’t stop to chat, because they can’t see you,” he said, softly.  “You died, many years ago.”

“Is that why I never go home?”

“It is,” he said, gently.  “But I can help you find your way, if you’ll let me.”

“I would like that very much,” she said, her eyes bright.  “Do you think Petunia will be waiting for me?”

“I don’t know,” he said, honestly. “But I hope so.”

Together they walked thorough the park, talking and laughing,  until the sun dropped below the horizon and Mary found her way home.




yellow — Paul Militaru

via yellow — Paul Militaru


what she saw in Costa Rica — House of Heart (beautiful post from Holly)

via what she saw in Costa Rica — House of Heart


This is the way life is.  In order to surf you have to have water, LOTS of water, like an ocean’s worth.  You also need surf, a board, and you have to know how to stand up and stay up.  If you don’t live by the ocean, have never even been to the ocean, it’s more than likely that you aren’t a surfer. A board without an ocean is pretty much a coat rack.

So everything we haven’t been able to experience, because it’s not in our environment, or we have never had access to it, is not a big part of our reality, or our everyday lives.  That’s just the way it is.  We can’t understand the mechanics of things we can’t experience.  We have no idea what it entails or what it’s like.

But men want to tell women what to do with their own bodies, when they don’t have a fucking clue what that means, since they don’t have one, will never have one,and should just shut up and let the EXPERTS take care of themselves.

How they met…

“You have to be kidding,” she laughed.  “Of course, I remember.  How could I forget?”

“Well, we made a promise, the day we met,” he said, putting his arm around here.

“We were ten,” she said, jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow.  “We were little kids.”

“We were in the park and you said that you could swing higher than I could.”

“I could,” she said, “and I still can,” she teased, doing a few dance steps.

“I used my allowance to buy you an ice cream bar from the truck that always parked by the playground.  You thanked me and ate it in three bites.”

“It was hot, I was hungry.”

“I thought you were the most wonderful girl in the world.  I saw stars in your eyes and the  entire universe in your soul.”

She stopped walking and turned to him.  “We were ten.”

“I still see that. I see it every time I look at you.  It’s all there.  Entire galaxies.”


“I remember how the air smelled that day and I remember the little dog that was trying to get away from the the lady chasing her.”

“That was pretty funny,” she snickered.

“I remember your blue shorts and blue and white stripped shirt.  You left your shoes by the sandbox and we looked for them for twenty minutes.”

“Someone had moved them.  I like to be barefoot.”

“I know.  I know everything you like.”

She put her arms around his waste.  “That was fifteen years ago.”

“We said we would get married.”

She nodded against his chest.

“It’s time to keep our promise.”


“We’ve waited long enough,” he said.

“I thought you’d leave, if I told you I loved you,” she said.

“So is that a yes?”

She pushed him against the brick wall of the bakery and whispered “Yes,”  before she covered his face with kisses.

Tulips, still beautiful, are saying goodbye…2 pictures


This is rescue Doug Patrick. My cousin’s daughter, so my second cousin, I guess, anyway, she’s one of the kids, adopted this beauty a few days ago. He’s very sweet. :)


Magnetic poetry…

This is pretty cool…you can see the tiny moons around Jupiter…From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moons Near Jupiter

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