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Simmi is the youngest chicklet on the Immediate Care Committee. She has been practicing for months, but this is her first emergency. She’s a very bright and tough chicklet and her desire is to end all Factory Farms once and for all.


Chicklet Amy is taking books and toys to the youngest chicklets, rescued in the raid. This is her second time, so she’s a seasoned medical assistant, and knows what to look for when helping the wee chicks.

The Coop is in full Medical Alert, but those coming off their shifts, are leaning on each other for support. Their hearts are broken by the cruelty they have seen.

Pain is sweeping through The Coop.  Everyone is working hard, doing what they can to care for those who need their help.  It’s around the clock care, in the beginning.  Warming Bunnies, nurses, doctors, Housekeeping, everyone, is working in shifts.  Those who were in better shape have been taken by others who will care for them, so the hospital isn’t so crowded.  Chicklets are peeping softly, and reading to those in need.  The cats, and dogs, everyone is doing their part.  The next 24 hours are crucial, for those who are severely injured.


Some of the warming bunnies are nestled in a baby chicklet nest, keeping the babies warm.

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