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Sweatshirt — Wordifull

How wicked of a thought must you have to jostle a mind already organically filled with evil? What is your terrible longing? Piercing butterflies to save and study beauty you will never possess? Plucking feathers from wee birds because you will never fly? The truth is no matter how much you ply yourself with alcohol […]

Sweatshirt — Wordifull

pink…cup — Paul Militaru

pink…cup — Paul Militaru

I wake up to this picture every single morning…it sets my agenda for each day…

One of my pink mini carnations…


A day at the beach…is the best thing ever.

white and brown american pitbull terrier mix puppy sitting on brown sand during daytime

Photo:  Martin Saemz

Write on the sidewalk with chalk…color your world.

Chalk, Colorful, Dust, School, Supply


How to have fun…and be happy…just march really fast with your arms out!!

Kid, Girl, Playing, Child, Baby


A very short story…about love.

Photo of Female Mobster Pointing the Gun on Man

“What are you doing here?” he asked, lighting his cigar.

“Tell me why,” she said.

“What good will that do?  It won’t change anything.”

“I want to know.”

“It’s simple,” he said.  “I want her, and there’s nothing that you can say, or do, that will make me give her up.”

“But she’s so young.”

“You know that’s the way I like them.”

She pulled the trigger, and smiled at the surprised look on his face.

“Haven’t you heard the one about a woman scorned?” she asked.  “She’s my cat.  She was the only thing I wanted out of the divorce.  But you just couldn’t let me have her, could you.”

He looked at the blood on his hands and shirt, then fell back in his chair, as his heart began to stutter.

She stood up, put the gun into her purse, picked up the cat carrier that was by her foot, and walked away.





Picture perfect…

Otter standing near cave entrance surrounded with rocks

Photo:  David Selbert

A sparrow’s tale…

Bird, Sparrow, Ornithology, Species

I’m a small bird
one you call
some of you like me
some of you don’t
I am not native
to the United States
I’m often considered
an invasive species
I have pushed many
native birds
out of the way
the same way you
pushed Native Americans
off of their land
because like me
most of you
aren’t native to this country
you are also an invasive species
so don’t be angry with me
for doing what you’ve already done
my species was
brought here by others
you came here all by






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