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This always cracks me up. Work harder for WHAT? So that when you die, everyone can say, “Wow, he spent his whole life working harder.” I don’t think so. We need signs that say: PLAY HARDER OR DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND WORK IN BETWEEN.

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From: Candy. Job loss for all and women and work.

Ralph Emerson…

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“Hello.  My name is Ralph Emerson.  I am your new manager.  I will be overseeing your work from this day forth.  My model number is 6042335-1.  In case of emergency, please give that number to the repair crew, when you alert them.  Thank you.

My door will always be open.  If you have a problem, or question, please do not hesitate to come and see me.  Goals have been set for each of you and you are to meet those goals.  I will be collecting data as to your work ethic and daily scores. If you do not meet the goals, which are clearly stated in your job description, on page 9087,  you will be demoted and replaced with another being who can better do the job as it is described in the manual.

My name is Ralph Emerson and I…my name is Ralph Em…my name is Ra…”

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