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My daughter saw this yesterday…Love it.

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The Chickmas tree…wishes below

have yourself a very merry Chickmas with love from those at The Coop please don’t eat animals or birds or fish or any other living beings or unicorns either thank you

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The rainforest…

When I was at Barnes I read where the fire was started by those who wanted more land for their CATTLE to graze.  If we were all vegetarians the world would be rid of all the horror, terror, screams and … Continue reading

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Animals are welcome here…as friends…NOT food


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My cousin brought this towel for me (when she was in Ireland), because it had a seven on it (my lucky number).  She couldn’t find one with a black sheep but I do have a mug (somewhere) with a black … Continue reading

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A Source-book For Vegan Cooking, Gardening and Living by Graham Burnett had a contest and I was fortunate enough to win this lovely booklet.  Thank you so much to Violetsvegnecomics.  Believe me when I say there is something for everyone among these lovely handwritten pages. The illustrations just add to … Continue reading

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