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darling triplets we love you so it’s fun to watch you chirp and grow tiny feathers tiny beaks who doesn’t love your tiny feet when you’re ready we’ll wave goodbye happy knowing you can fly

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Birds…a poem

birds greet the sun with song singing to us as we open our eyes to a new day how wonderful is that

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You just KNOW these two birds are laughing at something truly funny…

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Love is a beautiful thing…

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He and She…

She turned her back on him, once he told her that he though the idiot in washington wasn’t that bad.  She said that she couldn’t be with a bird who had no working brain cells.  He said that each bird … Continue reading

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The family…

“I think Rita looks more like you.  Henry looks like me and Bertha, well, she looks like both of us.” “Do you think so?” she asked, looking at their birdlings. “Yes, Rita’s eyes are just like yours.” “Henry has your … Continue reading

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The chicklets are asking the birds to help out the reindeer and fly them to animals who cannot make it to the chickmas party. They plan on dropping gifts to them to cheer them up and tell them they are loved. The birds are more than happy to help out.


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