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Life is beautiful…

Picture from: Pixaabay

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Do you ever think about how colorless humans are, when compared to birds? I do.

It’s as if Mother Nature designed birds, fish, cats, flowers and various other beautiful beings and things, then said, “Ran out of color, so humans will be…drab in different hues across the spectrum of whatever color is left.” Picture: Pixabay

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Social distancing…

Picture:  Pixabay

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Every living being knows how to love…We think we understand other species when we don’t even understand ourselves. EGO TRIP…we need to stop that.

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From: BORED PANDA (this is wonderful…there are over 50 birds, so it’s long but worth seeing)

What Various Birds Look Like As Babies Versus All Grown Up (57 Pics)

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darling triplets we love you so it’s fun to watch you chirp and grow tiny feathers tiny beaks who doesn’t love your tiny feet when you’re ready we’ll wave goodbye happy knowing you can fly

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Birds…a poem

birds greet the sun with song singing to us as we open our eyes to a new day how wonderful is that

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