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The birds are gorgeous…from: Bored Panda

Here Are 15 Photos By This Artist That Reveal How Hens And Roosters Are Walking Pieces Of Art

Love is in the air…and it’s feathery.

Love Birds, Love, Together, Birds

Photo:  Pixabay

What birds see…

Photo:  Olena Sergienko


Birds, Perched, Feeding, Animals

Photo:  Pixabay

I just wrote a poem about birds and then I found this…from: Bored Panda. It may seem like a lot of photographs, but trust me, don’t miss any of them.

Professional Photographer Captures Perfectly Posed Birds, And Here Are The Best 58 Photos

A gathering of beauties…

flock of turkeys near plants

Photo:  Mikkel Bergman


Tango, the dance of love with feathers…

Common Heron, Birds, Egret, Wings, Wild


Pretty in pink…they are so beautiful.

Photo:  Jonathan Cooper

Hunger…It’s not easy being the parents to a hungry baby bird…they never seem to get enough to eat…

Birds, Fledgling, Feeding


Photo:  Pixabay

A morning at the spa…

Sparrows, Birds, Water, Mud, Splash

Sparrows are not a native species. They are dangerous to blue birds and other birds, killing them for nesting rights.

Our bird population has plummeted, due to environmental impact.

And while sparrows may not be welcome everywhere, I love them.  They’re tough little birds who were brought to Brooklyn, in the 1800’s, to eat caterpillars.

We think we know what we’re doing, but we never really do.  Sparrows took over and caused a lot of problems we never had, because some genius decided having them here was a really good idea.

Sparrows are fun.

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