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I love pigeons…they are residents of the city, like everyone else. They are polite street birds, asking for handouts. They are beautiful in every way and come in all kinds of colors. They are lovely and quite friendly.

black and white pigeon on gray concrete surface

Photo:  Miha Rekar


flock of flamingos

Photo:  Olivier Guillard

True love…

yellow green and red bird on brown wooden surface

Photo:  Mohamed Elsayed


Cranes, Birds, Sandhill Cranes

Photo:  Pixabay

Puddles are Mother Nature’s impromptu birdbaths…

Free Low Angle Photo of Pigeon on the Road Stock Photo

Photo:  Etha

Crows and ravens…my favorites…2 pictures

black bird close up photography

Photo:  Kevin Mueller

selective focus photography of crow perching on wood

Photo:  Casey Horner

Pigeons leaving school after a flying class…

Photo:  Philip Murtorp

Get closer, she’s taking our picture…

Northern Gannets, Seabirds, Beach, Sea

Photo:  Pixabay

Take-off…a wee poem

Crows, Birds, Animals, Nature, Wildlife

don’t be afraid
to take off
it isn’t scary
you just
fall forward
and open your wings




Photo:  Pixabay

Beautiful photographs of birds…from Bored Panda

Birds Of The Arctic: Exotic Birds And Seabirds I Captured On My Trip To The Arctic Ocean (30 Pics)

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