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Among the humans, and their insanity, beauty exists…and the world goes on.

white swan on snow covered ground during daytime

Photo:  Birger Strahl

Each one a masterpiece…from Bored Panda

25 Striking Portraits Of Birds By Tim Flach Taken Against Contrasting Backgrounds

Arial ballet…Gull Lake…(swans are optional)

Fly, Canada Goose, Conjugal Love, Always

Photo:  Pixabay

From: Bored Panda

49 Of The Best Bird Photos Of 2020 Were Announced And They’re Breathtaking

Color…is beautiful

Beautiful Parakeet, Bird, Love, Pair

Picture:  Pixabay

From: Bored Panda

98 Hilarious Bird Posts That Were Too Good Not To Share (New Pics)


Humans can never know this kind of freedom…

Landscape, Sea, Sunset, Seagulls, Sky

The Saga continues. The baby few out of the nesting spot to the yard…where her mom stayed with her. So adorable. And the other baby is in the yard.Five pictures.

Then the baby few to the fence, where her mom stayed with her and fed her.

Then…after both parents were with her she flew to the tree.
And then…after all of that…she went back to the nesting site and her mom stayed with her.

All photographs by:  Debbie

Life is beautiful…

Picture from: Pixaabay

Do you ever think about how colorless humans are, when compared to birds? I do.

Parrot, Macaw, Feathers, Bird, Fly

It’s as if Mother Nature designed birds, fish, cats, flowers and various other beautiful beings and things, then said, “Ran out of color, so humans will be…drab in different hues across the spectrum of whatever color is left.”

Picture: Pixabay

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