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Witch…a very short story

“What do you mean, I’m not what you expected?” she asked. “I thought witches looked different,” he said. “Different than what?” “I thought you’d be…green and…ugly,” he stammered.  “You know, warts, broken nose, and things like that.” “Sorry to disappoint … Continue reading

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Fire…a poem

every time I see a beautiful picture like this one I hear women screaming as they are burned for being witches by white men who simply wanted their possessions if you’re very quiet and pay attention maybe you can hear … Continue reading

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women hold life in their bodies and magic in their hands that’s why men fear them remember the burnings never forget

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Elizabeth Miller…Witch

Elizabeth Miller was an important American witch, during the early 1800s.  Intelligent and strong, she served those who came to her for help, healing them, as well as their animals.  When times were hard, she was often given food, as … Continue reading

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Know this…a poem

we have two or more forms it is our nature we are of the earth we run like the wind the ocean calls to us we were hardened by fire we are survivors living in a hostile land we are … Continue reading

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The rich man…

money doesn’t make you bigger not having it doesn’t make you smaller when the rich man is dead his bones look like everyone else’s because he IS exactly like everyone else but for his delusions of grandeur and conceit but … Continue reading

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Witch, a poem

they asked her what she wanted before they lit the match she said she wanted to be free to live her life to help others to have a garden and some tea at the end of the day they laughed … Continue reading

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Believe it…

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Tea and witches…A very short story.

“Did you see all the books that are out about witches and their secret lives?” asked the bleached white, spiky, haired woman, sipping her Mandarin Orange tea. “I did,” nodded the woman across the table from her.  “We don’t have … Continue reading

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Tonight’s the night…Blessed be

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