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The world needs a rest, a time to get back to nature, so we can heal more than just a virus. We need to respect the earth and all that lives upon it.

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Here’s the thing…

absolutely NOTHING has changed in the natural world because of the virus it’s just OUR SPECIES that’s having a PROBLEM everyone and everything else is PERFECLY FINE the earth and everything on it doesn’t need us for ANYTHING AT ALL … Continue reading

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Mountain and how it came about…

This happened because the ground (tectonic plates) bumped into each other and pushed.  The result was  a mountain.    When we do that we get a baby, so maybe mountains are just the earth’s way of reproducing.

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We are here…a poem

we look pretty and colorful on paper from a distance you can’t see what we really are

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Mew…a poem

tiny hunter fuzzy and bright you light up both day and night your soft meows your gentle purrs your tiny paws and black striped fur I watch you leap I watch you play your graceful  beauty your charming ways I … Continue reading

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The blue planet…

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a blue planet hanging in space flying around circling a star and dragging a moon along with it the tiny planet had everything it needed to be beautiful healthy lush rich in life forests … Continue reading

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Important and excellent TED Talk…I think it’s 16 minutes long but really important to see.

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