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It takes 1,000 years to grow one inch of soil…think about it.

Adbusters Magazine
Sept/Oct issue 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all agree with this?

Woman in Blue Jacket Holding White and Black I Am Happy to Be Happy Print Paper

Photo:  Markus Spiske

Just remember…it’s not as if we can just pack up and MOVE…

Climate Change, Global WarmingPhoto:  Pixabay


The earth doesn’t need us…it can take care of itself. Obviously, the reverse is not true.

Forest, Mist, Nature, Trees, Mystic

The earth at night…Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Flying Over the Earth at Night II

Earth at twilight…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day…for Earth Day

Planet Earth at Twilight


Celebrate peace on this Earth Day…from the chicklets

Happy Earth Day…

Trees, Mountains, Sun, Sunrise, Warm

be kind
to the earth
there is
Plan “B”

Earth…The Chat

Corona, Spray, Earth, Sanitizer

“What are you? she asked, staring at the glowing blue ball.

“I’m the messenger.  I mean you’re not listening to the Earth, so She thought She’d send a miniature of Herself to tell you what’s going on.”

“I see.”

“Do you?  I look small but I’m a complete replica, a whole Earth, not just a broken off chunk.”

“Fair enough,” she said, nodding.  “How can I help you?”

“Well, that’s the thing.  Nothing’s going to change until you help yourselves.”

“We’re trying.”

“No.  That’s just it.  You aren’t doing what is necessary to stop the virus.  I mean, the Earth’s okay with your species going extinct.  That’s not really a problem for Her.  It’s happened before…and animals, and all other forms of life are being driven into extinction by your kind, every single day.  But She wants you to know that you don’t have long to play around with this one.”

“I’m doing the best i can.  I work around the clock and…”

“Not the point.”

“It’s not?”


“Then what IS the point?” she asked.

“You have to work together to overcome what’s happening.”

“So you’re saying we don’t have a chance and we’re all going to die.”

“Pretty much.”

“Then I’m going to retire and enjoy whatever time I have left.”

“Definitely an option.”

“You know people won’t ever work together, don’t you?”

“I do,” said the Earth.  “This is just your last chance to wakey wakey.”

“You mean to wake up?”

“Yes.  It’s your last chance to wake up.”

“Hahahahahahaha,” she laughed.  “Do you KNOW what we’re like?”

“I do, that’s why I’m here.”

“Then you must know it’s hopeless.”

“I know that it seems that way to you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means, that things don’t have to stay the way they are.”

“I’m sorry,” she sighed.  “You must be thinking of a different species.  Things are never going to change.  Look at American.  She’s on her knees, being destroyed by an insane idiot egomaniacal tyrant that some people are going to VOT FOR AGAIN.”

“I know, believe me.”

“Then why are you wasting your time talking to me?” she asked.

“You’re the only one who found me.”

“Good point,” she said.

“You did this to yourselves.”

“And?” she said.

“I’m just saying,” said the Earth’s representative.

“I know that.  We do EVERYTHING to ourselves, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

“And,” snickered the Earth.

“People are sick and dying.”

“That’s not going to stop until you all work together to stop it.”


“You have to stop being stupid, for one thing,” said the tiny globe.

“That’s a terrible thing to say and it won’t win you any friends, that’s for sure.  It will just make people hate you.”

“Wow, I’m terrified,” sighed the Earth.  “Like I care.  I don’t even know why I’m here, trying to save a species I don’t even like.”

“Then go away.”

“You ever meet Mother Nature?”

“No, I just see her work all around me.”

“Good answer.  Too bad you won’t be here to see it for long.”


“You all have to stay inside for awhile.  You have to let the virus die.  Then you have to come out slowly and wear masks and do what you need to do and then go back inside.  I know you’re going to ask about jobs and school and all the rest, but it’s either do that, or keep burying people.  I mean the choice is yours.  Over two hundred thousand Americans are already dead.  That’s a lot of people.  First thing you’ll have to do, of course, is get rid of your governments.  Governments are the reason for war, climate destruction, poverty and …”

“…everything else?”

“Yes, and almost everything else.  I would say everything, but a lot of you are crazy, so I have to take that into consideration.  If you got rid of weapons no one would be able to go into a building and kill a hundred people at once.  But you just keep making more guns, and you let anyone have them, so…that’s just another thing you do to yourselves.”

“You’re making me tired,” she said.

“Well, boo hoo,” snarked the Earth.  “How do you think all of you are making ME feel?  You’re like a bad rash I can’t get rid of.   Although, if you keep doing what you’re doing, maybe that will change.  It’s possible you could all die.”


“Yes,” agreed the Earth.  “It would be.  If you were all gone, I would blossom.  Mother Nature would once again walk among the forests and animals.  Things would be beautiful and a bit more sane.  You know what…” said the earth.

“No.  What?” she asked.

“Forget I said anything.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Kill each other, don’t wear masks, make more guns, build a bigger Pentagon, start more wars, destroy yourselves anyway you can.  Sorry I bothered you.”

“You realize that there’s nothing I can do to change anything anyway, don’t you?” she said, softly.

“Right,” said the earth.  “Keep believing that and everything will be fine.”

“It doesn’t matter what I believe, things are out of control and…”

“Yes, yes, of course they are.  Poor you.  So, I’m going now.  Have a nice…whatever.”

“Thanks for stopping by,” she said, wearily.  “Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.”

“Enjoy your retirement.”


“You should probably hurry and do that, before it’s too late.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Seriously, go now.”

She nodded, said, “Bye,” and walked away.


Life…a poem

Woman, Girl, Young, Beauty, Make Up

we are
as much a part of
as the trees
and land
as the birds
and sky
but we have
our place
to love
and respect our
to care for
most of all
we seem to have
that our lives
depend upon


Picture:  Pixabay

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