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Happy Earth Day…

A Boy Standing at the Seashore while Holding a Signage

Photo:  Ron Lach

Earth…a poem

Globe, Earth, America, Usa

I wanted to write a poem
about a lovely
blue planet
in a sky full of stars
a planet teeming with life
in it’s beauty
but then I realized
I would be writing a dream
for while the lovely blue planet
was truly spinning in a sky full of stars
diversity was hated
and so was life
and greed
weren’t just destroying
life forms
they were destroying the planet
and few seemed to care
red flags
and wake up calls
were everywhere
but people turned a blind eye
to the obvious
lived in denial
or a world of lies
and still the planet
spun through a sky
filled with stars
a gift
that was never
never loved enough
never tended
or cared for
a planet that met all of our needs
but was ravaged and pillaged
poisoned and starved
while the few shouted
and held up their pictures
and grafts
showing the destruction
and the many did nothing
while a powerful few
danced on the
money held tightly
in their
clenched fists



Photo:  Pixabay


we exist
on a planet
that does
but turn things
into mulch
in it’s never ending quest
to recycle


Photo:  Zac Wolff

It takes 1,000 years to grow one inch of soil…think about it.

Adbusters Magazine
Sept/Oct issue 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all agree with this?

Woman in Blue Jacket Holding White and Black I Am Happy to Be Happy Print Paper

Photo:  Markus Spiske

Just remember…it’s not as if we can just pack up and MOVE…

Climate Change, Global WarmingPhoto:  Pixabay


The earth doesn’t need us…it can take care of itself. Obviously, the reverse is not true.

Forest, Mist, Nature, Trees, Mystic

The earth at night…Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Flying Over the Earth at Night II

Earth at twilight…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day…for Earth Day

Planet Earth at Twilight


Celebrate peace on this Earth Day…from the chicklets

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