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🍎 November 30, 2019: “Quotes and Food For Thought” — Beckie’s Mental Mess

~*~ “… And, when all else fails, remember there are windows too. LOL!” ~ Beckie Cutler ~ BC 2019 Quote Credits: Pinterest and Me, Myself, and, I. via 🍎 November 30, 2019: “Quotes and Food For Thought” — Beckie’s Mental Mess

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Emmie…she and I agree that winter sucks.

She’s the sweetest cat and her markings are beautiful.  Love her white feet.  The minute I think of grabbing her and bring her inside, she moves away from me, even if she’s getting the pets she wants.  She’s a mind … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year…

it’s that time of the year when everything glitters and sparkles and lights light up the night people are smiling and shopping and eating and carols are in the air it’s that time of the year when we think different … Continue reading

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Santa…a short story

The once shinny mall had been closed for decades.  People, as well as other things, had long ago set up house inside the decaying shops and restaurants. But at Christmas time, people worked to clean up the place and make … Continue reading

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Wild Horses…a poem

I feel the thunder in my heart the energy and wonder of running free that is what I am made of I am not yours to break I am a separate being wild and untamed I do not belong to … Continue reading

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Today is: National Personal Space Day…

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forest song — House of Heart

Alone here, I can hear the chatter of anxious birds. The wind and rain have shredded their nests. A sudden flight of wings fill wispy gray petals of clouds passing over. Wandering further beneath the tall pines I hear their … Continue reading

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Morning Glory and Charlene…

Morning Gory and Charlene are in charge of the Housekeeping Committee.  They have a huge job, when guests are visiting.  Lots of chicklets are part of this committee because there’s always so much to do.  The guests are ever so … Continue reading

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Several members of the Poetry Club and their poems…

The Poetry Slam is always one of the highlights of any party at The Coop.  Yesterday’s Slam was no exception.  Several poems are below. Please know that starting yesterday morning, the names of turkeys who were killed and eaten, were … Continue reading

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Today is: Buy Nothing Day

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