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Life without chocolate…NO.


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August is co-chair of the baking club. Cookie making begins today…

Cookies will be made and eaten.  That’s always the problem when chicklets bake.  The Hens will grab as many cookies as they can, and freeze them for the party, but even then the cookies are not safe.  Still, the chicklets … Continue reading

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Hot chocolate…a poem

you can keep your gourmet meals your hors d’ oeuvres and your flambé your mochas and your fresh ground beans your Earl and your Gray just give me steaming chocolate with mallows melting fast put it in a giant mug … Continue reading

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I am not food. I am a living, breathing, being. Please do not slaughter and eat me.

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Weird food I saw yesterday…3 pictures. I’ve put dragon fruit on before but I love the name so much, I did it again.

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Italian cafe…so cute…I’m going to have to eat there soon. (2 pictures)

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It takes about fifty licks to eat a one scoop cone.

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