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I rarely, if ever, look at what anyone else buys, when I’m in the grocery store . But the other day, the woman in line ahead of me, put things on the conveyer belt that I had never seen before.  … Continue reading

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Ice cream…and aliens

Do you think alien’s, the one’s who don’t live here, or visit, have ice cream, where they come from?  If they don’t, and they can digest it, how can they not stay here, or at least learn how to make … Continue reading

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I jotted this down when I went to make dinner and realized that I had run out of grillers (veggie burgers)! LOL


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My best friend, and neighbor, made blintzes for breakfast and she brought these to me. Yum and then some.

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All I can say is that if you can get a bag of these…do it.

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Today is: Eat What You Want Day

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I forgot what these are but I thought they looked fabulous so I planted them. I mean, look at those leaves. Amazing, as if an artist painted each one just because she loved the way they looked when she was finished.

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