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We are what we eat…

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Okay, so…

I was walking past the salad bar in the grocery store today and noticed that they had put little signs with the amount of calories in front of every single thing.  Insane.  They could at least put a flap over … Continue reading

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America…Land of the insane


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Peaches should come with a warning label…

WARNING PEACHES buy at your own risk the chance that you will be able to eat a peach before it rots is zero you can watch your peach all day long but if you look away even for a second it … Continue reading

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Good way to poison the people you don’t want any longer, that’s why…

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Bread…crusty, delicious carbs…nothing to fear…just enjoy…cut it with a knife…or tear it with your hands, either way…have at it…after all…bread won’t kill you…other people will.

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