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Today is: National Cheese Pizza Day (veggie cheese)

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The rainforest…

When I was at Barnes I read where the fire was started by those who wanted more land for their CATTLE to graze.  If we were all vegetarians the world would be rid of all the horror, terror, screams and … Continue reading

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I went to the ANDERSON JAPANESE GARDENS in Rockford yesterday and had this. Oh, the gardens were good too…LOLOLOL Yes, I ate THE WHOLE THING and loved every second of it. My cousin and her friend SPLIT one. I still don’t know why. It’s a flourless cake with a FUDGE base. Best cake…EVER

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There’s just something about pancakes…starts your day off right.

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I don’t drink coffee I drink tea Mandarin Orange to be exact I like to drink it with very rich very dark CHOCOLATE so that the chocolate melts in my mouth I believe in indulgence

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A happy picture to bring you joy…

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These were in the grocery store. Hmmm, the lady who works there peeled one and handed it to me. I took a bite and was surprised by how it tasted. They look like sea urchins.

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