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Living, beautiful being, or pâté machine? There’s something really wrong with humans

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Okay, so…cookies

I don’t really like food.  I like cookies and chocolate things.  I’m thinking about not eating anything but junk food, for a month or two (I pretty much do that now but I’m making a kind of  deal with myself).  … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

It’s a known FACT that animals are important, even crucial, to our well-being and to the well being of the environment.  We’ve have had them living with us, ever since wolves smelled food around a campfire and thought it was … Continue reading

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Wow…how cool are these?

I’ve lived in Chicago for approximately a thousand years and believe me,  I wasn’t raised on food like this, so…it’s exotic and strange looking to me.  I love the color and the prickles are sharp.  It’s hard not to believe … Continue reading

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The nursery…

I went grocery shopping today and saw the above, in the fruit/vegetable department.  It looked as the if papayas were just born and all wrapped up so they would be safe and warm.  They looked so cute.  LOL  I don’t … Continue reading

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Today, in the FREEZING COLD WEATHER, I had the pleasure of gong to Kendall College, where I ate at…the dining room

I wish I would have taken pictures of all of my food but I just took one of my yummy dessert, which was chocolate cheese cake, with a chocolate vanilla malt and drops of sea salt caramel.  OMG and then … Continue reading

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Let’s talk cookies…

Some people like cake, coffee or otherwise.  Some like fancy desserts, like cream puffs and custards, flan, or things that are set on fire.  I love blueberry and cherry pie, especially with ice cream but really, I’m a cookie kind … Continue reading

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