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Warm, with a nice cup of coffee or tea…Yum!

Photo:  American Heritage Chocolate

Yes, please…

Photo:  Monika Grabkowska

How to eat cake in 4 easy steps…

kid sitting beside round cake close-up photography

  1.  Sit on the floor with a cake in front of you.
  2.  Remove your shirt.  Hmmm, that might depend upon your age and who else is in the room.
  3. Lean forward until your face is in the cake.
  4. Open your mouth and commence taking big bites.  Do not worry abut making a mess, it’s only cake and if you followed rule number 2, you’re half naked anyway.


Photo:  Henley Design Studio

Abundance…why isn’t it for everyone?

sliced orange fruit and green leaves on white ceramic plate

Photo:  Anto Meneghini

A healthy breakfast starts and ends with chocolate chip cookies…definitely. Mine (I only had one) was delicious.

close-up photo of baked cookies

Photo:  Jennifer Pallian

Take a moment for chocolate…

white and brown chocolate ice cream on white ceramic plate

Photo:  Thilia Ruiz


white and red cake with black and white icing on top

Photo:  Deva Williamson

These look so delicious…Mine never look like that…sigh.

Pancakes With Black Berries on White Ceramic Plate

Photo:  Marta Dzedyshko

Maybe this will cheer you up…

clear glass with white liquid

Photo:  Heather Barnes

A beautiful Christmas treat…

black berries on white paper

chocolate and berries


Elana Elena

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