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May the bunny of happiness bring you jelly beans of every color and huge chunks of dark, rich, delicious chocolate…

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Elizabeth is participating in the easter bunny play. She’s playing the Goddess Athena. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Zeus and Hera. The dogs are playing their parts with Artemis.

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The chicklets have been into the Egg Dye, for the party. The hens said it would wash out in a few days but the chicklets like it an are going to do it again.

Rerun form 2017

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This is Samantha, Sam to her friends. All the bunnies are getting ready to deliver baskets of chocolate eggs to children everywhere.  It’s Sam’s job to make sure the baskets are filled properly and don’t weigh more than a bunny … Continue reading

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Nap and have a lovely day…

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The chicklets wish you a happy bunny day…

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“What’s easter?” “It’s a day when rabbits deliver eggs to everyone and hide some of them in places where children will find them.” “Why?” “I guess it’s fun and everyone loves bunnies.  Except for the people who kill them and … Continue reading

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