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WP will not let me reblog any longer. No idea why. But please go to Resa’s blog and see the truly wonderful post she made for the chicklets and their Easter party. I’m so grateful to her, as well as to Holly, for this wonderful scrapbook. I can never thank them enough. <3


Today is Bunny day…hop and have fun.


Easter at The Coop…chicklets and guests

After a hearty breakfast of Holly’s corn bread and treats, a poetry reading, a sing-along and a small fashion show, the chicklets and those who live at The Coop, as well as their guests, are having a rest period before dinner.

It has been a full day and the weather was nice enough for several trips around The Rubber Duck Pond in the Gondola.  Which means that spring is definitely in the air.

Tomorrow Resa will delight everyone with her yearly Egg Dance and the ballet, with Holly, Beth and Melanie is something everyone is also looking forward to.

Tonight will be filled with a variety show, Story Time (Beth), a coloring contest and a pajama party, which will be held in the horse barn.

As for the adults.  There’s will be meetings outlining the next Factory Farm raids and updates form the other Coops.  The Roosters are making corn waffles for the hens, since they know more about saving others, than anyone else.  The horses, goats, dogs and other large animals will also be in on the meetings, since their strength and speed are what make the raids so successful.

Until tomorrow…

Easter’s almost here…

Photo:  Benjamin Lehman


Henry is back…he still wants to play with the bunnies. He hasn’t been around for awhile, but just dropped in for the easter party and to pay with the bunnies…he just loves them.


The chicklets are working on the rig for the easter fairy. I’m sure everything will be…fine…eventually.


The perfect easter basket…

kittens in basket

Photo:  The Lucky Niko

Chicklet Mary and Peppercorn…

Each year Mary and Peppercorn reprise their Mary and a Lamb skit.  This year they will be back with a new version of the old story.  They are hoping that everyone will enjoy their work.

Not everyone can look like a bunny…no matter how hard they try…that doesn’t mean they can’t look adorable.

white long coated dog sitting on brown tree log during daytime

Photo:  Karolina Wv


Everyone is in the holiday mood and things are coming along nicely. Tutu’s are being made and games are being set up. Stage crew is very busy and the chicklets look like a rainbow.

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