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Nap and have a lovely day…

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The chicklets wish you a happy bunny day…

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“What’s easter?” “It’s a day when rabbits deliver eggs to everyone and hide some of them in places where children will find them.” “Why?” “I guess it’s fun and everyone loves bunnies.  Except for the people who kill them and … Continue reading

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Henry is sweet and very gentle.  He loves the chicklets and the bunnies.  That’s why he loves Easter.  He never misses their parties and he always sits with the healing bunnies and sings to those who are unable to join … Continue reading

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He’s been on before but it’s Easter so he wanted to say hello…

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the bunnies will be busy tonight preparing baskets and hiding plastic eggs in the grass bunnies don’t have a sleigh like Santa they have to do all of the work themselves that’s why they think Santa gets too much credit … Continue reading

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Steven is reprising his one bunny poetry reading for this year’s party…everyone is looking forward to his reading

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