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The unraveling is beginning…Halloween is on it’s way…

the bats are flying in the air the pumpkins ripening in their lair and everything thing that can will scare all those who don’t know magic

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Another failed Halloween costume…

Rose made a cardboard costume of her favorite book.  She failed to realize that she couldn’t sit down, or use her wings, while she was wearing it.  Eating was also difficult, so the costume went on the, DON’T EVER MAKE … Continue reading

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Love this guy…on my kitchen table…there’s a wee rat on his left headphone, you can see her pink ears. :)

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Peaches has always been a daredevil.  She’s going to be a superhero for Halloween and has been practicing her flying routine for the big party.  The Stage Crew set up the same rigging they used for Chickmas, so they know … Continue reading

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Teri and Jack…

Teri’s little brother Jack insisted on giving his Halloween costume a trial run.  Jack was glad that he did because he realized that being a ghost left him hungry.  Teri is going to help him make a new costume, one … Continue reading

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Maurice and his little sister Margot…

Maurice and his little sister Margot are still being French.  I took them to Paris a couple of years ago and ever since then they have been chirping and peeping with a French accent.  But, that’s either here nor there, … Continue reading

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The Poetry Club just finished their Slam. All of the members, plus Ratling, the toy rat, who is the mascot/muse.

The Poetry Slam was a smashing success.  There was much peeping and chirping and the members of the club were delighted.  Below are a few of the poems from the reading. Ghosts At Halloween ghosts float around and scare people … Continue reading

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