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Chicklet Alex, part of the Clean-up Crew, has been sweeping up a bit, so the guests could enjoy breakfast and the last of the treats, before they get ready to leave and return to their homes.  Everyone had a wonderful … Continue reading

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Hmmm…maybe I should have worn a mask…

Photo:  Mathew Scwartz Unsplash

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Witch…a very short story

“What do you mean, I’m not what you expected?” she asked. “I thought witches looked different,” he said. “Different than what?” “I thought you’d be…green and…ugly,” he stammered.  “You know, warts, broken nose, and things like that.” “Sorry to disappoint … Continue reading

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A Short Halloween story…

“Come closer,” she whispered. “I don’t think so,” he said, backing up. “Are you afraid?” “I’d be stupid not to be,” he mumbled. “Why?” “You look…” “Powerful?  Strong?  Mad?” “Yes.” “Which one?” she asked. “All of them,” he said. “You … Continue reading

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Nightime…a story of revenge

Some call them a coven, but they aren’t witches.  They are simply a group of dedicated women who are tired of looking the other way when violence against women is everywhere, and the screams of their battered and violated sisters, … Continue reading

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Mimi is going to the party as Frida…


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Halloween…Vamps…and some words

just keep telling yourself that VAMPIRES don’t exist then hope that one of them doesn’t stop by and ask if you have anything to drink     Photo:  Loren Cutler Unsplash

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Reed decided to be the Sandman, for Halloween.  Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that his costume was rather unwearable.  So, the Stage Crew made his idea into an art installation, inside the big barn.  Everyone was happy and thought it was … Continue reading

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From: Bored Panda…have fun

130 Times People Were So Impressed By The Halloween Decorations They’ve Seen, They Shared It Online

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An older piece of Halloween artwork…I REALLY love cardboard

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