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Resa’s FABULOUS HALLOWEEN FASHION SHOW…all the model’s gowns were designed and made by the FABULOUS Resa. Narrated by chicklet Princess. Four pictures.

First on the Catwalk is the gorgeous pirate, HOLLY.  Carrying her magical pumpkin, and a special bag for treats, she sails the Seven Seas wearing a body clinging, black and white Art Gown.  This Yin and Yang gown is decorated with a Skull and Cross Bones, clearly advertising her occupation.  The material of her gown, can withstand open water, storms, and the hijacking of treats.  Her reputation proceeds her, and people willingly hand over their treasures, rather than make Holly frown.

Next up is amazing Dale, the Pumpkin Queen.  Beautiful, in her orange, one shouldered, Art Gown, opera length gloves, and matching hat, Dale stands out from the crowd.  She trick or treats at only the finest of places, looking for expensive treats, to keep her warm during the up coming cold winter nights. Her gown is light weight, yet durable. Perfect for traipsing through pumpkin patches, day or night. Dale is the epitome of Halloween.  If she knocks on your door, be sure to have something suitable to drop into her bag.

Last, is Gigi, the dark side of Halloween.  Black wings stretch out behind her, the bats, on her incredible ebony gown, come alive as she moves.  Her faux leather, gloves, the color of red earth and mountains, mean that when she goes in for treats…she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty.  The flowing hem of her gown allows her to run, just as her wings, allow her to fly.  She never gets lost, and she can hear you, even when you whisper.  My advice…never try to trick her, just give her whatever she wants.

This incredible Halloween Fashion Show has been brought to you by, THE FABULOUS RESA.  Our thanks go out to the designer, and to the models, for this wonderful TREAT.  THANK YOU, and many peeps, wing flaps and chirps.

Resa’s outfit, below,  was made for her by the chicklets on the Sewing Committee.  They love her and wanted to surprise her with something special.

Resa, wearing a black velvet hooded cape, over an orange and black gown, takes a bow, and as many treats as she wants.


Something a little different…Madam Butterfly is being sung on stage, due to the fact that there were butterflies down by the Rubber Duck Pond, during lunch. Everyone is thrilled and Holly is dancing in the background, in her cow and tutu suit.

A few of the Poetry Club’s readings…


Halloween can be scary
if you’re all alone
but if you’re at The Coop
Halloween means treats
Gondola Rides
Story Time
fashion shows
other stuff
and lots of love
I want to go to Paris
and I know that doesn’t
have anything to do with Halloween
but I just wanted you to know
because the older chicklets talk about it
and I wasn’t born when they went there
so I didn’t get a turn


everyday is so much fun
and when special times come along
like Halloween
there’s even more fun
and that’s a LOT of fun
the Committees are so busy
making everything perfect for everyone
and that’s fun too
because life is supposed to be
and it is
if you live at The Coop


Poetry is
a special way
of communicating
you can write a long story
in a few lines
Halloween stories are fun to write
like a tiny brown mouse
made a home in a pumpkin
knowing that the pumpkin
wouldn’t last
but the mouse was rather zen
and when his house started wilting
he simply moved somewhere else
Happy Halloween


I like Halloween at The Coop
I live here
and on holidays
I give the baby chicklets rides
on my back
Halloween means costumes
and masks
and contests
and treats
so we all have a great time


Halloween, Jack O' Lanterns, Pumpkins

the pumpkins
live in a small dapartment
just outside a big city
right where the last building
meets the country
they know today is
and have been
shining their lights
on and off
for over a week
there’s a party tonight
so watch for the glow
in the windows
if you drive by
an abandoned
at the end of town
but be warned
if you’re tempted
to go inside
like people
aren’t always
what they seem to be


Picture:  Pixabay


It’s pumpkin time…be sure to let the squirrels eat them after Halloween, unless they already started doing so.

Jack-O-Lantern decor


The sign for Resa’s Fashion Show is up and running.  Her shows are always a hit and a wonderful way to end the entertainment.  The tension is building, as Halloween approaches.
Everyone has arrived and everything is in place.  The Hens and the Baking Committee are busy making sure that everyone is full and happy…and there are plenty of treats between meals.  The Housekeeping Committee is also quite busy, making sure the accommodations are fresh and beautiful.

But the Sewing and Costume Committees are always thrilled when Resa is visiting, because she takes time to teach them tricks of the trade.  The chicklets are eager to learn and Resa is the perfect teacher.

Sand sculpture…Halloween

Clarence has been practicing, since he plans on making a gigantic pumpkin out of sand, for his part in the entertainment.  Few believe it’s possible to do so on  the stage, but no one has the heart to tell him.  His sister spoke to him about it, earlier today, and he agreed to make a much smaller work of art.  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  No matter how it turns out, it will be fabulous.


Last year, the FABULOUS RESA, designed this Halloween T-Shirt for the chicklets. The Costume Design Committee is placing one by the entrance to the Fashion Show, so everyone can see it.


Last night, the Kitchen Committee set up Holly’s Treat table. Unfortunately, some of the chicklets, and their friends, don’t seem to realize that the treats won’t be served until the party starts, on Halloween. A few of the hens are wondering how long the line will get and how long it will be, before they have to go and tell everyone to go to bed.


One of the things I made…

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