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I made these t-shirts in 1989 and we’re STILL fighting for our right to own our own bodies…how sick is THAT?

This is VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN on a government scale.  THAT’S WHAT IT IS!

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TED Talk…from the mother of a Columbine shooter

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The thing is…

All the things people tell themselves, all the quotes, the verses, the platitudes, the stickers, the things that pour from the mouths of officials, religious leaders/people and all the rest, serve one purpose…TO KEEP US IN PLACE.  All the goody … Continue reading

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End the war…


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This is beyond despicable…one more thing that shows how females are treated in this society. Hateful and unacceptable.

Petition update update-top-callout Justice 4 Montana just posted an update on the petition you signed, Impeach Judge John McKeon. Judge McKeon Retires with Full Benefits. Dec 01, 2016 — We are at a loss for words. John McKeon is not … Continue reading

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trump and the escalation of hate…(from Deb)

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Okay, so…white supremacy, the police, choices, reality, hate, books, responsibility, violence, each and everyone of us, America, Politics and more choices

Debbie said that the real problem we are facing is White Supremacy.  I agree.  Some of the republicans have to be as horrified as we are, by what’s happening.  Their party is destroyed.  And, we are Germany, happening all over … Continue reading

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