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FromBored Panda: An ex-husband did this to his beautiful 34 ex wife, the mother of his child…I don’t think anything happened to him for doing it. He should have been put into an acid bath. They are actually trying to get a law passed to stop men from throwing acid on women, because it happens all the time. And she forgave him. That is why nothing ever changes. Women have been brainwashed to forgive and accept the things that are done to them. Men have not consequences for what they and it makes life a nightmare for women and children. Worse, she not only FORGAVE HIM, but she told her daughter to forgive him too, so she will never fight back as well…and that is the horror of it all. Teaching females to forgive men for what they do IS a huge part of the problem. That has to stop.

34-Year-Old Mother Survives Her Ex-Husband’s Acid Attack And I Want To Share Her Story

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Here’s the thing…

mass killings in schools violence against women those broken and dead bodies don’t change what’s happening instead people refusing to talk about the REAL problem of guns and male violence want to arm teachers and keep women sequestered locked in … Continue reading

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This is important…always

This is exactly what I mean about not smiling, but standing up and facing what’s going on.

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These are just a FEW of the things that I think are more important than rebuilding Notre Dame…The list is incomplete and does not include pollution, corruption, violence against the gay, trans and lesbian community, poisoning of the oceans and the life in them, poisoning our own food, killing the bees and other insects/animals…and on and on…but be sure to give money to a building, because so many people seems to think the burning of the church is a real TRAGEDY.

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Okay, so…war

Someone wrote to me today saying that we’ve always had war and that war is just part of thing. War has become never ending.  It doesn’t stop.  We used to have peace between wars, but not anymore. The thing that … Continue reading

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What if…

What if… we turned all that talk about being nice into being sick and tired of violence and finally DID something about it What if… people stopped making EXCUSES for men’s behavior What if… women were no longer held RESPONSIBLE … Continue reading

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Okay, so…here we bloody go again

My cousin and I spent the day shopping around North Avenue.  We had a lot of fun and a great time.  While having a bad lunch, which is unusual for us, she asked if I heard about the latest shooting.  … Continue reading

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