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Okay, so…war

Someone wrote to me today saying that we’ve always had war and that war is just part of thing. War has become never ending.  It doesn’t stop.  We used to have peace between wars, but not anymore. The thing that … Continue reading

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What if…

What if… we turned all that talk about being nice into being sick and tired of violence and finally DID something about it What if… people stopped making EXCUSES for men’s behavior What if… women were no longer held RESPONSIBLE … Continue reading

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Okay, so…here we bloody go again

My cousin and I spent the day shopping around North Avenue.  We had a lot of fun and a great time.  While having a bad lunch, which is unusual for us, she asked if I heard about the latest shooting.  … Continue reading

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War is a choice…Violence is a choice…killing is a choice.

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I wish all the animals could be loved and happy…not tortured and murdered for food, experiments, clothing or furniture.

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Okay, so…

I got a thing in the mail today saying we need to do this and that to keep our children safe.  The picture showed the backs of kids heading into school with backpacks.   We have neighborhood watches, we have Take … Continue reading

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I am not a lining for your coat or gloves I am not a decoration for your hat My feet will never bring you luck I am not your dinner I am not yours to breed to torture to experiment … Continue reading

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