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Solar flare…from Astronomy a Picture a Day

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A bridge I would never want to cross…from Bored Panda

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Airport water and the forest of dreams…a poem

isn’t it strange how expensive water can be when purchased at an airport   I was hoping it might have magical properties and that by the time we landed I would be a beautiful unicorn with flowers in my mane … Continue reading

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Fabulous talk on diversity among people…a TED talk

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Venice…shops and living space

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Chicklet Sofeeah

Sofeeah said that names should be spelled the way they sound, so it’s So Fee Ah.  She loved Italy and started dressing in the colors of the Italian flag.  She had gelato everyday and wishes we had good gelato on … Continue reading

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Reminder from Artists4Peace

Artists4Peace Important Announcement It is time to grow! 😀 It has been wonderful setting the foundation with all of you and our monthly scheduled topics. It is nice to share our work and our passion for peace and love AND … Continue reading

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From Artists4Peace…please get your submissions in…thank you:)

Upcoming Topics: May Stories from Life ~ Tell us about incidents that have happened to you that made a difference. We want to know about something someone did for/to you that brought about change or mattered. Poetry, essays, short stories … Continue reading

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From ARTISTS4PEACE…PLEASE READ…calls for Haiku-for-peace

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Excellent speaker about the true reason for poverty…a TED talk…very important talk.

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