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“Kissing you is like Christmas,” she whispered. “Kissing you is like the Fourth of July,” he said. “So you last longer and I’m only good for one night? ” she laughed. “No, I’m twinkle lights while you’re amazing fireworks,” he … Continue reading

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“Why are we here?” he sighed. “You mean in the coffee shop?” she asked, staring at him. “No, here, in the world?” “If I had to guess, I’d say that someone put us here to watch us try to escape.” … Continue reading

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How amazing is it that some people still don’t believe that animals don’t have feelings? What’s WRONG with those people?

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Love and friendship…this is so sweet and adorable…fox and chicken

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Every single living being understands love…Be kind to animals, don’t eat them, wear them, use them, take away their habitats, or hunt them. They are teachers and we are failing badly…with regard to learning what they are trying to teach us…compassion…family…kindness…beauty…interconnectedness…sharing…and love


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Love is no different for any being alive. Animal abuse is a crime committed by people who don’t have a heart and are empty inside.

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Fantastic video…from my friend Candy…she sent it because it’s so beautiful

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