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Quick watercolor pencil…

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Face…watercolor pencil…

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I’ve been playing lately. This is the first of a few quickies…

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Jelly fish…two pictures…these are from before but I just found them again, so I’m reposting

I don’t know if fish like jelly but some must or they wouldn’t be called Jelly Fish, right?  Anyway, I was thinking about that when I painted these, just for fun.  

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I have absolutely NO idea why this picture is so huge but I can’t make it smaller…I just painted it and didn’t do anything different than I usually do…so

Watercolor pencil

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The Jester…

Very quick watercolor pencil drawing.  I saw someone wearing a jester hat at a Christmas party, so…   I think a lot of funny people aren’t happy.  People like Richard Pryor, John Candy, Robin Williams, Belushi, et al.  Jesters on … Continue reading

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