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Sometimes we need to remember how tiny we truly are…

a person standing on a rock ledge in the desert

Photo:  NEOM

Nature vs Humans…2 pictures

Free Photo Of Stream During Daytime Stock Photo

THIS is nature

garbage near forest

This is what humans do to nature


Top photo:  Michael Block

Bottom photo:  Antoine GIRET

Wheels, gears and cogs…a poem

black and brown wooden wall decor

the wheels
and gears
but we don’t get
any smarter
not about what matters
we build better
like guns
and other weapons
instead of building
I don’t think
our species
is capable
of those things
on a grand scale
we are death
to living things
as the wheels
and cogs
and guns
keep getting made
because that’s
what’s important
to the men in charge
to the men
we have allowed
to threaten
and destroy
all life
on this planet


Photo:  Zolan Tasi

It’s what we are…

Portrait Photo of Man

we are walking
all of our stories
in something called
our books
cannot be borrowed
or even translated
into every language
now and then
we edit
adding or subtracting pages
or words
that will make our stories
more to our liking
but all of our books
are temporary
we take them with us
when we leave the game
that’s what our books
have in common
they all end
exactly the same way


Photo:  Leroy Skalstad


Love the babies…stop the violence…and destruction.

Elephants, Baby Elephant, Safari

Look at all the humans…

Meerkats, Family, Suricate, Mongoose

the meerkats
watched the humans
rush back and forth
and thought about
how lucky they were
to be a different species


Chichen Itza, Mexico, Pyramid

From early times, people have been building stairways to the stars.  Always trying to get higher, closer to their gods and to heaven.  We look at those things now and wonder how they built them.  How long it took to do it, without today’s machines and technology.  Some of the ancient things that were built can’t even BE build today.  The experts have no idea how they were made/created.

But here’s the thing.  There is no up.  There is no actual direction.  We are on a spinning ball, traveling through space in a gigantic universe.  So everything can be a sky or a heaven but it’s too big for us to actually understand.

I look at things like this and see how childlike our species is.  How we are run by ego and desire.  The people who built this monument thought it was high enough to reach the sky.  I’d say they had limited knowledge, but so do we.  We aren’t any different than those who came before us.   For us, as a species, there will always be LIMITED KNOWLEDGE and we’ll always be like children, fighting, selfish, bullying and wanting all the toys.  It’s pathetic, but true.  And it’s all just things we make up so we’ll have something to do.  It seems as if hating and killing is more enjoyable than loving and peace.  We race toward death with glee and excitement, acting as if there can actually be a winner.

Humans…a poem

man with orange mask

we have painted our faces
since the beginning
to create fear
to be beautiful
to gather power
to become
other than we are
we wear ink
and feathers
to get the attention
of the old ones
the four-legged ones
the winged ones
let’s face it
we haven’t come as far
as we think we have



Photo:  Joshua Rondeau


Remember the “Good Old Days?”

People, Walking, City, Urban, Knapsack

We are here…a poem

Colorful, Color, Brush, Painted

we look
on paper
from a distance
you can’t see
what we really are

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