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KURIOS…5 photographs

IMG_3387 IMG_3391The kids took me to see KURIOS last night, for my birthday (later this month).  We were out all day and night (more about that later).  It was so much fun!!!  They did everything I love.   Kurios was great, like all the Cirque’s are.  A couple things could have been omitted  but it was wonderful…a cross between Steampunk and the sea.  Amazing athletes.  Debbie and I have seen most of the Cirque’s (here and in Vegas) and they are always wonderful.  I would love to tell you all the things I enjoyed but some of you may want to see it and I don’t want to spoil it for you.IMG_3398

This is the entrance.

Acrobats were playing on the tent as people entered.  There is always something gong on and that makes things interesting.  IMG_3394The show is held outside the United Center in a HUGE tent.  The sun was just going down (it was 7:30) so some of my pictures are not good because of the lighting.  But this is the actual United Center where the Bulls play.  The name of the show is flashed in the windows.

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