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Life is…

Rubber stamp Stamp:  Catslife Press

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Moon Goddess

Queen of the Night

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Yellow bird

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the Lost Boys

Film This is a great film.  One of my favorites.  I still wear the T-shirt.  Everyone was young and intense and the movie rocks.

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I think…

that if you have read books constantly throughout your entire life the world will look very different to you because you cannot help but incorporate the realities from all the worlds and times you have read about into your own … Continue reading

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Rose with her bee friend

Yellow rose

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I think that people are…

like thecloudssomearestormyenergeticandlookingforafightwhileothersarebusycuttingthecrustofftinysandwichesforanafternoonpicnicsometimesthosepeoplegetalongbeautifullyothertimestheydon’tbutintheendtheyarewhotheyareandthat’swhatwehavetoacceptabouteachofthem

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Journal Page

Silly stuff

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dark stormy clouds…

are beautiful threatening roiling with energy and always looking for a fight they are absolutely bursting with electricity and power while fluffy white clouds always seem to be looking for a nice little spot to have a picnic

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it was a dark and stormy night…

Last night’s storm clouds My daughter was in her car when the storm rolled in.  She took this through her window with her cell phone.  Cool, isn’t it…love those dark, charcoal colored clouds.

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