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Where Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds came from…

Sir Paul Mccartney, Concert

I watched a program where Paul McCartney said that John Lennon’s young son had a girl named Lucy in his classroom.  He drew a picture of her with stars around her head in the sky.  One of the Beatles said, “Hey, that would make a great song title,” and they were right.  That’s how LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS came into being.


Photo:  Pixabay

These are really cool…from: Bored Panda

I Paint Portraits Of Popular Figures On Vinyl Records, Here Are 30 Of Them

A man who is music…

man playing violin on street in grayscale photography

some people
are made of music
lost in the sounds
in the feel of the notes
they are transported
out of their everyday lives
into the dreams
that surround them




Photo:  Jeana Balz

Quote: Roger Taylor (Queen’s drummer) He is fantastic.

You can’t live in the past.

Roger Taylor






SIX LITTLE DUCKS…a song we sang as children…words below.

White Ceramic Bathtub With Gold and White Flowers

six little ducks
that I once knew
fat ones
skinny ones
they were too
but the one little duck
with the feather in the back
he ruled the others
with his

down to the river
they would go
wiggle waggle
wiggle waggle
to and fro
but the one little duck
with the feather in the back
he ruled the others
with his


Photo:  Lina Lisitsyna

The Singer…a poem

Free stock photo of artist, band, bass, black-and-white

he stood on the stage
in the smokey room
the words playing tag
in his mind
the audience was still
eyes closed
he started to sing
and the whole world
fell into place
and was alight


Markus Spiske

This is from Candy and it’s fantastic…watch the whole thing.

A life well lived, well loved and celebrated…


Another one from Melanie…These are important political songs. Thanks Melanie.

From my friend, Perry: Sing along

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