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Resa and I were chatting and we both love this song…she sent this to me…it’s perfect for right now…thank you Resa


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This is an incredible and amazing TED Talk…anyone who is into music will be blown away…he doesn’t actually play until toward the end of the program so if you don’t want to listen to how he came to be the way he is you can fast forward but don’t miss a single note of his playing…as I said…absolutely amazing

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Great moody soundtrack…it’s one of my favorites…love the movie as well. It’s kind of the story of life in a nutshell…boy meets girl they fall in love a coin of destiny tears them apart only to meet later when he’s young and she’s not…sigh, still the music is gorgeous and proves that it can drag you anywhere it likes without your permission.

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Jimi…the Star Spangled Banner will never be the same


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Cousin sent this song about not my president…warning…a word or two of offensive language

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Under 5 minutes and absolutely amazing. TED Talk

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Musician playing at the Aria, in Vegas…he was really good and a lot of fun

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