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The Bookstore…A tiny story

“I like your stars,” she said, to the beautiful woman.

“Thank you.  They keep falling from the sky and landing on me.  I’ve tried to stop them but they just keep falling, so I’ve given up and started to enjoy the sparkle.”

“One should always enjoy the sparkle that comes into her life,” she said, staring at the stack of books in the woman’s arms.  “Would you like all of those?”

“Yes, please,” she laughed.  “Can’t have too many books, you know.  My name is Sandra, by the way.”

“I’m very happy to meet you, Sandra,” she said, adding up her purchase.  “You’ve made some interesting choices,” she continued, looking at the titles.

“I know.  I just see a book and I have to know what’s inside of it.  Don’t tell anyone, but I also buy books because of their covers.”

A very good looking man walked in and started scanning the books on the shelf closest to the door.

“I’m new here.” said Sandra.   “I haven’t been venturing out all that much.  I’ve been spending my time decorating my apartment, reading and drinking tea,” she laughed.  “I’m learning where everything is, slowly but surely.  I’d love to meet someone who could show me around but I don’t think that’s very likely.  I start my new job next week.”

“Excuse me,” said the man. “Did you say that you’re new in town?”

“Yes,” said Sandra.  “Two weeks, actually.”

He spent the next ten minutes telling her where all the best places to go were located.  He told her what to see and where to eat. He drew a map for her, on the back of a bag that was next to the register.  They were both laughing and smiling.  Then he nodded and simply walked away to find the book he seemed to be looking for.

The two women looked at each other and sighed.

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful books,” said Sandra, hauling the canvas bag off the counter. “I’ll be back for more, believe me.”

“We’ll have a cup of tea next time.”

“I’d like that.  Thank you.”

As soon as she left, the man walked up to the counter and said, “I need a book on how to talk to women.  I’d like to meet someone but I never know what to say.”

“You just talked to a beautiful woman for ten minutes.”

“I did?”

“The woman standing right where you’re standing now.  Surely you haven’t forgotten that conversation.”

“She was nice,” he said, smiling.  “but I was just telling her about things to do in the neighborhood.  I wasn’t actually talking to her.”

“You could have taken her to lunch.”

“I…  What?”

“You need a book on waking up, not a book on talking to women,” she said, pulling a book out from under the counter.  “Here, read this,” she said, slamming the book down in front of him.


“You obviously can’t see what’s right in front of you.”

“Hey, that’s not fair,” he complained.  “I was just helping her.”

“If you leave now you might still be able to catch up with her.”

“Do you think so?”

“She turned right, so go.”

“Thanks,” he said, as ran for the door.

The dog looked up, from where he had been sleeping on the chair and barked.

“You’re right,” she agreed, “Humans are definitely not the brightest species around.  And yes, I know that you and Sally talk all the time. Now finish your nap and then I’ll make lunch.”

The dog put his head back onto the arm of the well padded chair and thought about how grateful he was that he wasn’t human.  Still, he couldn’t work the can opener, he grumbled.  Always a drawback.  Then he was off playing with bunnies in a lush green field, filled with wildflowers.





Every time I see a hippo, which is a rare event, believe me, I imagine her in a tutu.  Hippos are graceful and remind me of ballet dancers.  This one was swimming with friends.

LISTEN to what Nature is trying to tell us…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARespect the earth and everything on it.  Treat the earth and everything that lives, kindly or Mother Nature will shake us off and begin again.  She can do that.  She’s a tough Goddess and if her kids are brats she’ll give them a “time out,” they’ll never forget.





I am SO desperate for COLOR.  It’s dark and raining again.  This fabulous Lorikeet was trying to eat my granddaughter’s bracelets.  This was taken at  Busch Gardens in Florida.  A place I LOVE.  I posted this picture a long time ago but I just wanted to add some color to an otherwise dreary day.  Lorikeets are sweet and incredibly beautiful.

To see more Lorikeets, close up and personal check out Laurie’s link below:

Thank you Laurie:)




White feathered beauty

Th halo around this bird makes her look like a great white feathered Goddess (I don’t know if it’s actually a female).  This is a reblog.  Taken at Busch Garden in Florida.




Busch Garden

This is another reblog but I thought you may like to see why these crocks are so dangerous.



If I close my eyes I can remember how warm it was, the day I saw this beautiful pelican. Everything was so perfect. And her diamonds sparkled in the sunlight. It was WARM and everything was alive and growing. Florida can be a magical place to those who only visit.

Rethinking Life


Going with the flow

This pelican was busy collecting diamonds…so I didn’t stop to say hello, but left her to her work instead.

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I took this in tampa the Xmas before last. The color of the birds is so wonderful and, apparently, a result of the shrimp they eat. Just had a feeling for sunny Tampa and the beauty at Busch Gardens.

Rethinking Life



I love flamingos. Their color comes from the shrimp they eat. They are beautiful, graceful and weird. Their eyes are mesmerizing. Mother Nature strikes again.

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I took this picture in Florida. I love this beautiful bird. The camera Goddess was with me that day for sure.

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Flamingo from Busch Gardens…amazing.

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